In what figures to be the biggest deal in baseball’s offseason, the Chicago White Sox sent Chris Sale to the Red Sox for Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech, Luis Alexander Basabe and Victor Diaz.  While the Red Sox figure to immediately become the favorite to win the American League championship, as a White Sox fan, I’m happy with the trade.

Moncada is considered by many to be the premier prospect in baseball.  He’s a switch-hitting infielder who figures to fill the seemingly endless hole the Sox have had at second.  Kopeck is a right-handed pitcher who throws in the upper 90’s and occasionally hits triple digits with his fastball.  His ceiling is a top of the rotation starter. Baseball is a switch-hitting outfielder who could conceivably plug the hole the White Sox have in center.  Victor Diaz has a fastball that gets into the upper 90’s.  He figures to get a shot at helping the backend of the White Sox bullpen.  By 2018 all four could be helping the White Sox major league team.

Not only did the White Sox get a nice package of prospects, but they also fill areas where the White Sox are particularly week.  The White Sox are in position to accomplish a rebuild quicker than most teams.  The quality of what they have to trade means they can get prospects that are closer to the bigs than other teams.

As for the Red Sox being the American League favorites, I agree, but it’s not a slam dunk.  I’m not sure Rick Porcello will duplicate last year.  I would also be concerned about David Price’s slippage as well as Chris Sale’s being as dominant as he’s been in the past.  Add in the loss of Big Papi, and the Red Sox aren’t a shoo- in.

In another baseball note, former Baseball Commissioner, Bud Selig, has been voted into baseball’s hall of fame.  Maybe baseball can make a Bud Selig wing in the Hall.  It can overlook the Steroid User’s Wing.

The Bears had a convincing 26-6 win over the 49ers Sunday.  The bad news is the win says more about the 49er than the Bears.  Typical of the 49ers is the play where Dontae Johnson thought he had scored on a blocked punt and was then penalized for making a snow angel while celebrating.  Besides the penalty, it turns out Johnson had stepped out of bounds on the 3-yard line.  The 49ers then ended up settling for a field goal.  The NFL has been called the No Fun League.  Plays like that make it seem more like the No Brains League.

More next time.