Diary of a Chicago Sports Fan

While the Cubs figure to make a few moves in this offseason, their Southside counterparts, the White Sox could have one of the busier winters of the thirty major league baseball teams.  And if a report I read is right, they’re already shooting themselves in the foot.  One of the biggest questions in MLB this winter is whether the Sox will move their ace, Chris Sale.  I hope they do.  One potential trade partner would seem to be the Cubs.  Buster Olney of ESPN has reported that the Sox have informed the Cubs that they won’t talk to them about Chris Sale.  By eliminating the Cubs as a potential trading partner, the White Sox have already lowered Sale’s value.  That’s a shame because the White Sox and Cubs would seem to line up as good trading partners.

The White Sox are in need of outfield help and offensive help in general.  The Cubs could put together a package of Jorge Soler, Albert Almora Jar, Jeimer Candelario and another high-end prospect and make a serious run at Sale.  I still think Soler will be a 25-30 homerun guy.  Albert Almora Jr. is a potential Gold Glove caliber centerfielder and .270 hitter with great baseball instincts.  Candelario is a switch-hitter that could play at either infield corner.  The fourth player could be a pitching prospect or other useful player.

I floated that trade idea on my twitter account, @LarryLambert6 and some thought that was a little light to get Chris Sale.  I have to admit; I’m not as high on Sale as some.  Maybe it’s because his violent delivery scares me.  Or maybe it’s because Sale can’t be trusted with sharp objects in the clubhouse.  Or maybe it’s because he cussed out Kenny Williams.  I’m not a fan of Williams, but to blow Sales actions off as being a competitor is ludicrous.   Either the Sox are as clueless as they seem, or they didn’t want to undercut Sale’s trade value.

Then again, if the Sox want to maintain Sale’s value, why did they rule out the Cubs as a trading partner?  Things like that are why I don’t trust the White Sox to do a full rebuild.  Their 2005 seems more like a blind hog finding an acorn than executing a well thought out plan.

The Bears lost another winnable game Sunday.  The final score was 27-21, Tennessee Titans.  Matt Barkley started at quarterback for the Bears and threw for three TDs and two picks.  Having ten drops by his receivers didn’t help.  The two drops in the end zone on the final drive were particularly painful.   If receivers can’t catch the ball, it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is.  I’d like to see the Bears roll with Barkley for a while.  He’s cheaper and younger than Cutler, and   it doesn’t seem to matter regarding wins or losses.

More next time.