For an explanation of how the SD Score is calculated, see below.

1– Arizona Diamondbacks (6-1); SD Score +2.76

Opponents – vs Giants (3-1), vs Indians (3-0)

Arizona came out and beat up two very good clubs. Are they for real?

2 – Minnesota Twins (5-1); SD Score +2.51

Opponents – vs Royals (3-0), at White Sox (2-1)

The Twins needed a good start and they got it. Let’s see how long they can keep it going.

3– Chicago Cubs (4-2) SD Score +1.28

Opponents – at Cardinals (2-1), at Brewers (2-1)

It doesn’t matter that the Cubs haven’t started off dominant. They lost both their games by one run and are putting up plenty of runs of their own. They look like the Cubs so far.

4 – Tampa Bay Rays (5-2); SD Score +1.02

Opponents – vs Yankees (2-1), vs Blue Jays (3-1)

Tampa had a good week as they beat two good division foes.

5 – Los Angeles Dodgers (4-3) SD Score +2.63

Opponents – vs Padres (3-1), at Rockies (1-2)

The Dodgers look good to start the season. This week is a big one for them as they face the Cubs and the first place Diamondbacks.

6 – Los Angeles Angels (5-2); SD Score +0.87

Opponents – at A’s (2-1), vs Mariners (3-0)

You need to watch the comeback against Seattle yesterday. The Angels could be a team that gives even the contenders a difficult time.

7 – Cincinnati Reds (4-2); SD Score +1.19

Opponents – vs Phillies (2-1), at Cardinals (2-1)

The Reds have come out strong, but can they keep it up? Next up, Pittsburgh and Milwaukee.

8 – Baltimore Orioles (4-1); SD Score +0.38

Opponents – Blue Jays (2-0), Yankeees (2-1)

Baltimore has gotten off to a good start. We’ll see how they fare on the road against division rivals Boston and Toronto.

9 – Philadelphia Phillies (3-3); SD Score +1.46

Opponents – at Cincinnati (1-2), vs Nationals (2-1)

The Phillies played well against the Nationals and get rewarded for their blowout. They need to find a way to play well against the Mets and Nationals this week.

10 – Miami Marlins (3-3); SD Score +0.89

Opponents – at Nationals (1-2), at Mets (2-1)

After a slow start, Miami pulled off 3 wins in a row against the Nationals and Mets. Next up, Atlanta and the Mets.

11 – Boston Red Sox (3-2); SD Score +0.44

Opponents – vs Pirates (2-0), at Tigers (1-2)

Boston looks solid to start the season. The AL East should be a very good race this year and the Red Sox are still the favorite.

12 – Colorado Rockies (5-2); SD Score -0.30

Opponents – at Brewers (3-1), vs Dodgers (2-1)

The Rockies are potential Wild Card contenders and they did not disappoint as they beat division rival Los Angeles. Next up, San Diego and then at San Francisco.

13 – Pittsburgh Pirates (3-2); SD Score -0.13

Opponents – at Red Sox (0-2), vs Braves (3-0)

Nothing quite like a series against the Braves to lift a team’s spirits.

14 – New York Mets (3-3); SD Score -0.13

Opponents – vs Braves (2-1), vs Marlins (1-2)

The hitting hasn’t been there and the pitching gave up several runs in those first two games in the Miami series.

15 – Detroit Tigers (3-2); SD Score -0.58

Opponents – at White Sox (1-1), vs Red Sox (2-1)

Detroit held up well this week, especially by leading the Boston series. Keep an eye on Ian Kinsler and his 1.149 OPS.

16 – Houston Astros (4-3); SD Score -0.43

Opponents – vs Mariners (3-1), vs Royals (1-2)

The Astros were able to get things off to a decent start, thanks in part to two extra-innings wins.

17 – Chicago White Sox (2-3); SD Score +0.76

Opponents – vs Tigers, vs Twins

The White Sox get slack due to the margin of their wins, but they have to go on the road against the Indians and Twins this week.

18 – New York Yankees (2-4); SD Score 0.00

Opponents – at Tampa (1-2), at Orioles (0-3)

While it wasn’t a great start, the Yankees are now at home and can get things going.

19 – Texas Rangers (2-4) SD Score -0.02

Opponents – vs Indians (0-3), vs A’s (2-1)

After getting swept by the Indians to start the season, Texas got back on track against Oakland. They now go on the road to Anaheim and Seattle. Nomar Mazara had a monster week going 10-24, two homeruns, and an OPS of 1.212.

20 – Cleveland Indians (3-3); SD Score -1.04

Opponents – at Rangers (3-0), at Diamondbacks (0-3)

As good as the series against Texas was, it was that bad in Arizona. After losing 11-2 on Saturday, they were shut down by Patrick Corbin last night. Next up, home games against the Tigers and White Sox.

21 – Oakland A’s (3-4); SD Score -1.04

Opponents – vs Angels (2-2), at Rangers (1-2)

Oakland played well, but do they have the talent to compete in the AL West?

22 – Washington Nationals (3-3); SD Score -1.63

Opponents – vs Marlins (2-1), at Phillies (1-2)

They’re ranked statistically lower primarily because they got shelled against the Phillies 17-3 on Saturday, but the Nationals will be just fine, especially with Daniel Murphy and Ryan Zimmerman lighting it up.

23 – St. Louis Cardinals (2-4) SD Score -0.87

Opponents – vs Pirates (2-0), at Tigers (1-2)

Another good team with a bad start. Losing to the Cubs is one thing, but getting shut out twice by the Reds is not acceptable.

24 – Kansas City Royals (2-4); SD Score -1.32

Opponents – at Twins (0-3), at Astros (2-1)

Getting swept by the Twins was not how the Royals wanted to start, but they played well against Houston and almost pulled off the sweep.

25 – San Diego Padres (3-4); SD Score -2.51

Opponents – at Dodgers (1-3), vs Giants (1-2)

The Padres have a lot of work to do but got a lot out of Yangervis Solarte as he’s batting .370 and has an OPS of 1.080.

26 – Milwaukee Brewers (2-5); SD Score -0.90;

Opponents – vs Rockies (1-3), vs Cubs (1-2)

The Brewers have lost a few close ones, but have to play better as they go on the road to Toronto and Cincinnati this week.

27 – San Francisco Giants (2-5); SD Score -0.76

Opponents – at Diamondbacks (1-3), at Padres (1-2)

They got whipped in Arizona, but the Padres losses were more troubling.

28 – Toronto Blue Jays (1-5); SD Score -1.17

Opponents – at Orioles (0-2), at Tampa (1-3)

Not the best way to start off the year, but two of those losses came in extra innings. Next up, the Brewers and Orioles.

29– Seattle Mariners (1-6); SD Score -1.47

Opponents – at Astros (1-3), at Angels (0-3)

Just when Seattle fans thought the Mariners were gonna cruise to an easy win, the Angels score 7 runs in the bottom of the 9th to win. They need to take advantage of this homestand and get back on track.

30 – Atlanta Braves (1-5); SD Score -1.76

Opponents – at Mets (1-2), at Pirates (0-3)

The Braves don’t look much different from last year, but Matt Kemp is playing out of his mind.