It’s no secret that the All-Star game is a popularity contest: Both the Royals and the Cubs have proven that to us these last 3 years. Let’s be honest: Alcides Escobar and Addison Russell are not all-star caliber shortstops. This year is no different. The MLB has released the latest updates and let’s just say I disagree with a few of the picks. Here’s who I think should start in the NL for the All-Star Game this year.



Current Starter: Buster Posey

My Opinion: Buster Posey

Posey is the best catcher in baseball and it’s not really close. Posey in 3rd in the NL in batting average with a .341 average, 9 homers and 25 RBI. He also has an incredible .435 OBP. There’s no doubt that Posey should start for the National League. Willson Contreras is a far 2nd in the voting, so Posey should have this one locked up.


1st base:

Current Starter: Ryan Zimmerman

My Opinion: Ryan Zimmerman


Zimmerman has finally gotten rid of his injuries and had a monster season: He leads the NL in batting average with a .347 average, 19 home runs and 54 RBI with a .387 OBP. I think that Goldschmidt is very close and could make a push for that starting job. Goldy is a much better walker and base stealer, which could give him the edge if he can have a power surge these last few weeks.


2nd base:

Current Starter: Daniel Murphy

My Opinion: Daniel Murphy


This is a fairly obvious pick, the only player you could maybe make a case for over Murphy (the man who got robbed of the MVP last year) is Dee Gordon because of the stolen bases.


3rd base:

Current Starter: Kris Bryant

My Opinion: Nolan Arenado


Really? Kris Bryant is the reigning NL MVP but he’s hitting .259. If Bryant played for the Reds instead of the Cubs, would he really be in 1st place? Nolan Arenado is the obvious choice with a BA over 40 points higher and playing much better defense. His OBP is much lower, but having double the RBI pushes Arenado over Bryant. Normally I hate the RBI and the use of it as a major stat but when a player has nearly double some other player’s RBI it’s a telling tale (except for a weird situation like Buster Posey).



Current Starter: Zack Cozart

My Opinion: Zack Cozart


Cozart has been easily the best hitting shortstop this year. He hits .320 with a .404 OBP, along with 9 homers. What concerns me the most is that Addison Russell (who has a sub-.300 OBP) is not far behind and if the Cubs get hot these next two weeks he could easily surpass cozart. Seager has more HR and RBI, but RBI is a poor stat and should not influence the decision.


Left Field:

Current Starter: Jason Heyward

My Opinion: Marcell Ozuna


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