Power Rankings

  1. Warriors– They’re the first team to 20 wins this season. The 60 point performance from their 3rd option against the Pacers just displays how deep this team is.
  2. Cavaliers– After a three-game losing streak LBJ and the Cavs have won 4 straight. They’re back and ready to roll.
  3. Spurs– They’ve won 6 of their last 7, but Pop was extremely disappointed with their loss to Chicago. He even called them out in his post-game presser about not showing up ready. However, Pop can say these things and get the best out of his team.
  4. Houston– Winners of 6 straight, there hasn’t been a hotter team in the NBA then Houston as of late. They’re taking it to every opponent and winning tough games. Have to give props to James Harden for this incredible performance of late.
  5. Clippers– The Clippers didn’t expect to start their four-game homestead with two losses. They’re still a superb team, but they’ve fallen a little bit with their play of late.
  6. Raptors– The Raptors have been a good, good team this year. They’ve won 8 of their last nine games, and they’re one of the only teams in the East to maintain that continuity with their roster. Talent and team chemistry are the key ingredients to success.
  7. Grizzlies– So I wrote the Grizzlies off after a Mike Conley injury but they’ve won 6 in a row, AND they obliterated the Warriors by 21 points. Give Marc Gasol props for his incredible play.
  8. Thunder– They’ve won 8 of 9 games, and their only loss was by 3 to the red-hot Rockets. Give Russell Westbrook the props he deserves for taking a mediocre team to a playoff level contender with his incredible play. Many predicted he would win MVP this season and its easy to see why. The man is a triple-double machine.
  9. Hornets- Although they’ve been a little shaky of late, they’re still sitting atop the Southeast Division. They lost to Cleveland to start their five-game  East road trip, but they have favorable matches in the next 4. Those games will show us what kind of team the Hornets are.
  10. Jazz– Despite their injuries they’ve won 4 of their last 5. As good as Hayward has been the real story from Utah is the growth from Rudy Gobert. Gobert is solidifying himself as a top center in the NBA with his ability to rebound, defend and protect the rim.
  11. Celtics– 5 of their next six games are on the road as they look to improve their record. The truth is, Boston hasn’t been as good as everyone expected and maybe last year they overachieved. I’m still waiting for them to go on a huge run, but so far we haven’t seen it.
  12. Bulls– What we can see from the Bulls is that they have issues, but those issues can be hidden by good defense and Jimmy Butler playing at an all-time high. They’re weak from 3 and Rajon Rondo has already shown us that he still is a head case. Hopefully, Wade’s presence can make a difference.
  13. Knicks– Their record shows that they’re a good team that’s currently in the 5th slot in the East. However, they’ve beaten some poor teams to make that record look more appealing than what their roster is. We saw the Cavs destroy them Wednesday night, and although I don’t think they’re that bad, I believe that they’re somewhere in between their record and the Cavs whooping on them.
  14. Pistons– Still not able to figure this team out. So Pistons fans, if you’re reading this message me and let me know what I’m missing. I see the potential and the ability to beat the better team, but I also see a team that can’t beat the weakest of the NBA.
  15. Pacers– So basically what I just said about the Pistons goes for the Pacers. Paul George looked incredible last night against Portland, but the Pacers still looked horrible against the Mavs. We’ll see what Indiana does going forward, but they’re still a defensive liability with Monta Ellis in the starting lineup.
  16. Blazers– On their five-game road trip they’ve gone 1-3 so far. The Blazers let one go last night against Indiana. When their role players are struggling, Dame and CJ are not able to win the game for the Blazers alone. It’s key for Crabbe, Leonard and Turner to solidify themselves as consistent role players who can carry the load when Dame and CJ are on the bench.
  17. Bucks– This week we saw that Milwaukee is incredibly talented and they have playmakers who can win games for them. I think their lackluster 2015-2016 set the bar lower for them this year, but they’re proving many wrong. Especially since they haven’t been with starting two guards Khris Middleton.
  18. Hawks– The Hawks snapped their six games losing streak with two wins against Miami and Milwaukee. Back at .500, the Hawks look to build off their little winning streak and get back to the way they were playing before the season started.
  19. Wizards– The Wiz have won 3 of their last 4. I don’t believe in this recent success, but it’s a sign they’re getting better. Only four games under .500, they will have a chance to grow from the recent success they’ve experienced.
  20. Lakers– The Lakers desperately need D Russ back in the lineup. Lou Williams has done a phenomenal job off the bench, but it hasn’t been enough to snap the Lakers 5 game losing streak.
  21. Magic– Orlando is just going to keep grinding out every game till the deadline. Frank Vogel is a great coach who won’t allow his underwhelming roster live up to its actual talent. He will continue to push his guys and do whatever he has to, to get them wins they shouldn’t.
  22. Nuggets– Recently I had a podcast to get some clarification on the Nuggets. It was apparent that Mudiay is not the answer at starting point guard and that the Nuggets have a lot of good but not great players. They need to stay healthy to improve their record, but with Gary Harris still out and Will Barton having to play starter minutes, the Nuggets will keep struggling.
  23. Kings– They’re struggling of late, but they’re more talented than the teams below them. It’s an effort to watch if you’re a Kings fan I’m sure, but once the franchise settles down and makes its decision on the future, I think there will be more to look forward to in the future for this team.
  24. Heat– They’ve lost five straight, but they’ve hung in every game. The Dragic/Whiteside core could do some damage if they had some better help around them. It will be intriguing to many Heat fans to see what GM Pat Riley does going forward.
  25. Timberwolves– They’ve played some tough teams this week and have lost those games. However, there is a lot to like about the young core of Lavine, Wiggins, and KAT. They’re a team to watch out for in the next few years but right now they’re a team that hasn’t been able to play full four quarters consistently.
  26. Suns– As this young team develops, they’re going to be excellent. We see flashes of their promising young core, but we also have to realize that this team is still far away from being anything more than up and coming. Their talent isn’t as good as the Timberwolves, but the veterans they have in this locker room will be instrumental to the young cores development.
  27. Pelicans– They’ve lost 7 of 8. They’re dealing with injuries again too. Coach Gentry said that he isn’t coaching for his job and that he’s just trying to do what he can to get this team to a point where they’re winning consistently. Whenever they decide to let, coach Gentry goes that’s when he said he would stop coaching these guys. It sounds like ownership and coach realize the lack of depth on this roster. So we will see going forward what happens.
  28. Mavericks– After a 31 point loss to the Kings, coach Carlisle held a 30-minute film session. That worked out great for Dallas’s matchup with the Pacers who were on their 11th day on the road and the last game of their five-game road trip. The Mavericks then got crushed by the Rockets by 22. So, for that one game it was terrific, and now they’re back to their losing ways.
  29. Nets– When you’re at 29th in the Power Rankings it’s not a good thing. However, it’s better than 30. The Nets just don’t have any superstar talent outside of Brook Lopez. He’s a traditional center that’s evolving his game and hopefully a solidified big man can entice talent to the Nets in Free Agency. Especially since they still lack draft picks.
  30. 76ers– The 76ers have won 2 games in a row and probably deserved to be put above the Nets. However, they haven’t done enough to prove they’re the better team. Their 18 losses on the year are tied for a league high with Minnesota and Dallas.