Week Four NBA Power Rankings! A New Number One!


This Weeks Power Rankings were written before any game was played on Sunday.


  1. Warriors- we knew it was just a matter of time before they got rolling this year. With 7 straight wins, they’re clicking on all cylinders.
  2. Cavaliers- the Cavaliers went 3-1 this week with their only loss coming to the Pacers. The key, LeBron set out for rest. Whether you like the resting of a player 10 games into a season or not, the Cavs are showing their dominance this season.
  3. Clippers- the Clippers 8 game winning streak came to an end by the Grizzlies. They’ve won their last 2 since and are still the team with the best record in the NBA at 12-2.
  4. Spurs- after losing to the Rockets on ESPN 10 days ago, the Spurs have won 5 straight and sit atop of the Southwest division.
  5. Grizzlies- hoping to be a force with a top heavy Western Conference the Grizz have put together a nice 4 game winning streak.
  6. Raptors- you can’t really knock the Raptors down too far with their only losses coming to the fully loaded Warriors and Cavaliers. We’ll see how they do as 4 of their next games are on the road.
  7. Hornets- the Hornets had an impressive win over the Hot Atlanta Hawks, but lost to the Pelicans in OT. The Pels are getting healthy so they’re at full strength but it was a disappointing loss. Hopefully, the Hornets turn things around.
  8. Hawks- although they’re one of the hottest teams around, they suffered a loss to the Hornets this week. It was a close game and on the road so it’s not too big of a knock since they only lost by 4. The big test for Atlanta going forward is their road schedule. Playing 7 of their next 8 away from Phillips Arena.
  9. Bulls- with wins over the Blazers and Jazz, the Bulls started their west coast trip out great. The loss to the Clippers isn’t a bad loss because LA is the best team (record wise) in the NBA. Bulls are playing good basketball right now.
  10. Rockets- Houston had a successful week winning 3 of 4 games with their only loss to the Thunder by 2. James Harden is having a fantastic season as well. This D’Antoni hire is looking smart on the part of the Houston front office.
  11. Thunder- Big wins against the Rockets and Nets but bad losses to Detroit and Orlando. Inconsistency will be a common thing for OKC this season. Most wins will have to come from Russ-diculous type games.
  12. Celtics- so they got embarrassed by Golden State on national TV. That’s gonna happen, but a 1 point loss to New Orleans really stings. Boston was supposed to be the number 2 team in the East, but that’s not how they’ve played this season. It’s still early, though.
  13. Jazz- it was a crappy week to be a Jazz fan. They lost 3 in a row to Memphis, Houston, and Chicago. Those are good teams so the losses aren’t shocking, but the Jazz were rolling. It’ll be interesting to see how the season unfolds for the highly praised Jazz.
  14. Trailblazers- Portland went 2-2 this week with really inconsistent play. They’re an offense heavy team with little defense. So on bad shooting nights, they’re more than likely going to end up on the losing end.
  15. Pacers- injuries to Paul George and CJ Miles will hurt the Pacers going forward. We saw that a little in their blowout loss to Phoenix. Still, Indiana did beat the Magic and the (LeBron-less) Cavaliers this week.
  16. Pistons- after a blowout win against OKC, Detroit has lost 3 straight. 2 of those losses were by 1 possession, which means fans should be optimistic about things going forward.
  17. Lakers- Los Angeles got whomped by Minnesota and San Antonio this week. Maybe the hot stretch they had was fools gold. But still, the Lakers have a bright future.
  18. Bucks- the Bucks had a tough schedule this week playing Atlanta and Golden State. But you expected them to win against the Miami Heat. Well, they didn’t just lose, but they lost by 23. As talented and competitive as they are, they’re still a work in progress.
  19. Knicks- New York actually had a pretty impressive week. I like what I saw this week even though I didn’t like the loss to Washington. A win over Atlanta would be a big boost of confidence for this team.
  20. Magic- a nice homecoming for Serge Ibaka to hit the game winner for his Magic against OKC. Their only loss was a blowout against Indiana. They did beat New Orleans and Dallas this week, but they were the most talented team in those matchups. That’s why they’re not higher than 20. But they were 28th I believe last week. A nice jump for them.
  21. Pelicans- the return of Jrue Holiday was a nice lift for the Pels. Their only loss this week was to the Magic and Anthony Davis didn’t play. Got to like the direction the Pelicans are heading.
  22. Timberwolves- 2 wins and 2 losses. The wins were blowouts but the loss to Memphis was just as bad. They’re young and trying to find their identity as a team.
  23. Heat- Miami went 2-2 this week. Beating the Bucks handily and holding off Beal in the 4th for Washington. Their 2 losses were to San Antonio (by 4) and Atlanta (by 3) in tight games. That’s a pretty successful week if you’re a 2016 Heat fan. We know many of those 2012-2013 Heat fans don’t exist anymore (wink wink))
  24. Nuggets- still can’t put my thumb down on who this team is. They’re not going anywhere near the top of the Power Rankings if they keep playing inconsistently. 4-8 is not an encouraging record for this hodgepodge of a roster.
  25. Kings- single digit losses to the Spurs and Clippers is encouraging, but their 4-9 record isn’t. I like some of the pieces this team has, but not sure it’s talented enough to be a playoff team.
  26. Nets- 3 losses to good teams this week. We know the Nets aren’t trying to compete for a playoff spot this year with their current roster, but they’re scrapping wins away from other teams. It’s early though and water always finds its level.
  27. Suns- I saw them in person Friday against the Pacers and it was clear that Indiana without PG is a super weak team. That’s the only Suns win we saw this week too. So Phoenix, you’re young and up and coming. Be patient because this season will be a long one.
  28. Wizards- well they have talent, they beat the Knicks for their only win this week and they have yet to be at full strength. So they’re not as bad as their record indicates but they’re not much better than a team on the outside looking in for a playoff spot.
  29. 76ers- they lost 3 games this week (by 13, 24 and 27) and won 1. The losses definitely outweigh the win and the thumping’s they took are perfect examples of how bad this team is.
  30. Mavericks- I never thought I would see Dallas below Philly but being 2-10 and on a 5 game losing streak will put you there. Obviously, they’re talented enough to get back above Philly and some of the other mediocre teams but with an aging Dirk and a weak bench, this team looks depleted. Maybe Dallas hits well in the lottery this year.