Today’s Power Rankings were put together before the games played on Monday night.


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Power Rankings:

  1. Warriors– they have won 13 of their last 14 games. The only they loss they had, was in double OT. So they’re still the top dogs.
  2. Spurs– although they remain undefeated on the road, the mighty Spurs have struggled at home of all places. Still, though, they’re playing well.
  3. Clippers– so they had a three-game losing streak but snapped that with a dominating win in Cleveland. They’ve lost 4 of their last six but are still just two games back of the Warriors.
  4. Cavaliers– they have lost three straight and have a tough game in Toronto tonight. Maybe this will be the game they snap their losing streak.
  5. Raptors- they’ve won 6 in a row. Will they get to lucky number 7 against the Cavaliers? Toronto fans are hopeful and excited. For good reasons.
  6. Rockets- talk about a team on a mission. Getting one of the toughest wins in Golden State, followed up by a dominating performance in Denver. The Rockets have won 4 of their last 5.
  7. Thunder- Triple-Double has led OKC to a five-game winning streak. You have to love this run the Thunder, and Russdiculous are on.
  8. Celtics- so they’re winning games again, but they’re closer than they’d want to be. Still, the Celtics look to be on the rise and hopes of becoming a legit contender.
  9. Jazz- I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face, but this team cannot stay healthy. When they’re fully loaded, they’ll be deadly, but until then, we will see ups and downs going forward. The good news is GH20 is playing terrific basketball.
  10. Hornets- based on the reason results, the Hornets are just winning every other game. That ‘s not a great thing, but it’s better than losing. Roy Hibbert’s little scuffle after a jump ball was called was hysterical for us fans, but it showcased a level of frustration the Hornets players are having with their recent play. They’re better than this.
  11. Bulls- so they got up for the Cavs and took them down but then lost to LA and Dallas. What is that? That’s called overlooking your talent. Also, Rondo is starting to become a problem with his coaching staff and has been suspended by the team. Take it or leave it, the Bulls can’t have that kind of behavior on their team, or they’ll struggle majorly. Rondo better cuts it out because he might be creating his pathway to an NBA exit.
  12. Bucks- the point guard change for Giannis was a great decision by Jason Kidd. The Bucks are a lanky team that can suffocate you defensively. They’re on a roll and could make another huge statement if they hand San Antonio their first loss on the road.
  13. Blazers- in their four-game homestead, they won 3 of 4. They now have a five game road trip coming up and have to use this as a test to see how valuable their team meeting was. Portland can light it up, but defensively, they can be atrocious.
  14. Pacers- Indiana finally had its roster completely healthy for the first time this season when they faced the Clippers last evening. They ended up winning a big game in Staples Center after trailing 23-8 earl on in the 1st. Paul George was out for a good amount of time, and he said that he saw what he needs to do to get this team going again. So we’ll see. If last night any indication, then things will start going in a positive direction.
  15. Pistons- they may be one of the least exciting teams to watch, but they’re consistent. They’ve won 3 of 4 and have hoped to start improving their .500 record.
  16. Grizzlies- so without Mike Conley Jr. they’re going to struggle. They’ve won a few close games but nothing to really wow you. Going forward I think we’ll see Memphis start to add more L’s than W’s. It’s heartbreaking for Grizzlies fans because they were just starting to click on all cylinders.
  17. Knicks- I know the Knicks have won more games than some teams above them, but it’s all about who you’re playing. I’m glad the Knicks are semi-relevant this season, but they’re beating the teams they’re on paper better then. We’ll see going forward how good they are. I’m just not sold on them yet.
  18. Hawks- they’ve lost 9 of 10 and face a rocking OKC team tonight. Probably one of the worst teams right now in the NBA based on their recent play. No offense. The lane is clogged with Dwight. The loss of Teague and Horford was huge for this team, and they’re seeing why now.
  19. Lakers- injuries have hurt them recently, and they’ve lost 5 of 7. Expectations weren’t high coming into the season, and we see why.
  20. Magic- last night against the Pistons we saw one possession where the Magic shot two airballs from three. Although they won that game, that was an obvious example of their team. Zero three point shooters and all bigs. I’ll hammer this point until they make a deal but whoever put this roster together should be reevaluated as GM.
  21. Kings- the truth is, the Kings have been competitive in all of their games. The sad thing is, they just don’t have the pieces to be a playoff team. I’m not the only one that thinks this either. Watch the Season Preview on Open Court. Isiah Thomas stated the Kings could make the playoffs and the entire panel set there in silence and tried not to laugh. Sorry Kings fans, you’re just a Boogie trade away from another long rebuild.
  22. Nuggets- besides the recent great play from rookie Jamal Murray, there is nothing to be excited about in Denver. I’ll be interested to see what the front office does with all of these role players they have. Maybe they can do something towards the deadline to make a change in this team.
  23. Timberwolves- we are starting to see how good KAT and Wiggins are going to be together. Along with Zach Lavine who’s been on a mission. The T-Wolves are still a year or two away from being a Playoff contending threat, but the pieces are in place. Minnesota fans have to be excited about the future of this team.
  24. Suns- so through 20 games the Suns have won 6 and lost 14. We knew the Suns would see growth from 2nd-year pro-Devin Booker but rookies Chriss and Bender are raw and need playing time and experience before they start cooking. Give Earl Watson a few seasons to marinate this team.
  25. Heat- I don’t know what to write about the Heat. They have an okay roster who has no desire this season to make the playoffs. They do have a few good players they could use in trade deals to maybe find a star for the future but the whole Wade leaving caused Riley and Spolstra to take a different route than they planned.
  26. Pelicans- another injury to Holiday and that makes this Pelicans roster even thinner than it already is. Anthony Davis is just a monster surrounded by mediocre talent, and the Pelicans need to change it up. Maybe they could deal Evans or Holiday to Orlando for Ibaka or Vucevic.
  27. Wizards- once they got everyone back, you started to see them playing better. However, they’re still losing games. You have to realize John Wall didn’t sign up to go through a stretch this bad. Also, Scottie Brooks is showing us how much he depended on Durant, Russ, Harden, Ibaka and Jackson to make him a “good coach” in OKC. I think they made a bad hire, and when your biggest off-season signing is Ian Mahinmi, you didn’t make any game-changing improvements.
  28. Nets- despite their impressive when against the Clippers, they have lost 10 of 11. Yes, that’s how bad it has been for Brooklyn. The more they lose, the more the value of that Draft Pick Boston owns comes into play.
  29. Mavericks- YES they’re no longer the worst team in the Power Rankings!! Score!! But they’re still in the bottom 2…so don’t get too excited Dallas fans.  Even though you are playing much better.
  30. 76ers- here they are again, sitting at the bottom of the East. They have lost eight straight and didn’t look to be much better than a lottery team once again. Keep trusting the process Philly fans.