(Photo Courtesy of hip hop vibe)

     The defending champs have looked far from championship form in the first month of the new year as they find themselves in a slump.

In the last 15 games, Cleveland  is an atrocious 7-8 and are currently one game above .500 on the road this campaign. They sit just two games ahead of the Boston Celtics a team that shouldn’t be anywhere in the same stratosphere as them (no disrespect to All-Star Isaiah Thomas).

It’s a testament to the amount of talent that is on this roster, but they’re not performing well enough to put together wins. Kyle Korver has been an excellent addition since somewhat finding his rhythm with Bron and the boys recently.

Kyrie has looked tough and hard to guard as usual he will have to continue to perform in clutch moments for Believeland to rise again in the finals. Kevin Love has truly found his stride in year two of Coach Lue’s system. His scoring and rebounds are up from last year he’s performed when counted on.

The search for a backup point guard is still ensuing rookie Kay Felder has struggled so far he has split time in the D-League.

As we get closer to All-Star, break the Celtics, Raptors, Hawks, and Wizards are all within five games or less of the Cavs. When questioned by media the team owned up to the streak and morale doesn’t seem to be down adjustments just have to be made. In an interview with Fox Sports, Ohio Irving referred to their most recent loss as a “learning experience.”  Something has to change but this team has battled through adversity before and at their best few can compete on the same court as them. When all five players decide to lock in on defense and run the floor the Cavs cause havoc, they force turnovers into easy baskets.

This squad will have to rebound from a rough month and amp up the effort on the road during an extended four-game road trip in the coming weeks.