WEEK 18 POWER RANKINGS (Post Trade Deadline)

1). Warriors- The only thing keeping this team from winning a title is Draymond Green’s antics.

2). Cavaliers- Adding Andrew Bogut and Deron Williams to the roster makes them an even tougher team to beat in the East.

3).  Spurs- Same ole story, same ole song and dance with the Spurs franchise. Popovich has the best system in the NBA.

4). Rockets- Adding a dominant scorer to their already loaded bench makes them the best scoring team in the league.

5). Celtics- They didn’t land a star before the deadline and although that may hurt their chances now, the future of this franchise is in great shape owning the Nets draft picks and having an extremely young team.

6). Wizards- The addition of Bogdonavic off the bench will only make this team better as they push for the number two seed in the East.

7). Raptors- Serge Ibaka and PJ Tucker were added to the Raptors before the deadline and look to get back to the Eastern Conference Finals.

8). Jazz- The Jazz didn’t make any moves to strengthen their roster, but when George Hill/Gordon Hayward play together (they both fought injuries throughout the season), the Jazz win a lot more games.

9). Heat- Coach Spoelstra is possibly the dark horse for coach of the year by getting this team from laughable to enjoyable.  They’re pushing for a playoff spot.

10). Clippers- The Clippers have about three more months with this squad and this off-season we will see what the future holds.  LA Clippers fans hope they rev up their game come playoff time.

11). Grizzlies- As they continue to develop chemistry and get healthy, the Grizzlies are one of the grittiest teams in the league.

12). Thunder- The Thunder made a terrific deal in acquiring Taj Gibson and Doug McDermett.  This will only strengthen their roster and make them an even tougher out in the first few rounds of the playoffs.

13). Hawks- Not sure what Atlanta is doing as we heard they made huge offers to Indy and Chicago for George/Butler. They’ll probably make the playoffs and be a first round exit.

14). Pacers- Indiana didn’t add any depth to their roster before the deadline and the time is ticking on the Paul George era.  This off-season is more important than the remainder of this season.

15). Pistons-The Pistons wanted to change things up but were unable to make a move. On the flip side, they have won 7 of 10.

16). Bulls- The Bulls are struggling to find an identity.  Do they want to rebuild? Do they want to build around Butler or trade him? So many questions and no clarity.

17). Nuggets- The Nuggets apparently offered a massive deal for Paul George but of course Indiana said no.  The Nuggets now have to hope this squad can hold of the Pelicans, Mavs and Blazers for the final spot in the West.

18). Pelicans- Adding Demarcus Cousins for Hield, Evans, Galloway and a pick might be the steal of any trade in a long time.  Many NBA fans are excited for a potential Pelicans/Warriors first round playoff matchup.

19). Mavericks- Dallas acquired a great young center in Nerlens Noel for a protected pick and Justin Anderson.  This was a nice move as the Mavs look to get younger.  Yogi Ferrell is the point guard of the future.

20). Blazers- Well we know that the Blazers have a solid backcourt and that their front court is laughable. Still trying to figure out the future of this team and so is Portland’s front office.

21). Kings- When your owner thinks Buddy Hield is the next Steph Curry, it is hard to take him seriously.  Vlade Divac looks to rebuild this organization post Cousins.

22). Bucks- The Bucks were able to unload Miles Plumlee and Roy Hibbert’s contracts this season.  That’s a win-win for them even if they don’t make the playoffs.

23). Timberwolves- Ricky Rubio is still on the team as the Knicks and Timberwolves failed to trade Rubio for Rose.  The off-season will be huge for the future for Minnesota.

24). 76ers- The 76ers may have gotten worse talent wise after the deadline but the picks they accumulated will be pivotal for their future.

25). Hornets- Well, the Hornets are still a team stuck in the mud.  There seems to be no sense of change in the wind for this team as they will ride out this tough season.

26). Magic- The addition of Terrance Ross I think will help balance the depth of this team.  The future is not all that bright though as they have a lot of holes.

27). Knicks- I don’t dislike Carmelo but as long as you have all this money tied up into Melo, Noah and Lee the Knicks aren’t going anywhere.

28). Lakers- The Lakers have a chance to right the ship with Magic Johnson as the man calling the shots now and Jerry Buss out of the mix.  Will future Free Agents want to play in LA now? I think so.

29). Suns- The Suns got rid of PJ Tucker but failed to get rid of Brandon Knight.  The Suns are just in rebuild mode so don’t read too much into this season.

30). Nets- Ah the Nets.  They have lost 16 straight.  They are horrible and they don’t have their draft picks for the next 2 seasons.  Give it 5 years Nets fans.