With March Madness right in front of us, I know many of you will be spending most of your time this week filling out your brackets hoping to ‘crack the code’ and accurately predict each game.  While it has never been done before, I too will be joining in the madness. So with this week’s NBA Power Rankings, I will be writing one and only one sentence about each team. Short and sweet and to the point.  Let’s dive in.

1). San Antonio Spurs- without Aldridge they’re weaker, but they are still playing the best basketball of any NBA team.

2). Cleveland Cavaliers– the Cavaliers might be underwhelming you lately but are they apprehensive about anyone else in the East knowing they have the greatest player in the world on their team?

3). Washington Wizards– Washington has been flat out balling, and that’s why they’re in 2nd place, surpassing the Celtics.

4). Golden State Warriors– at the time of the signing I thought the Durant move was great, but looking back at it now, the move might have hurt them in the long run.

5). Los Angeles Clippers– with injuries to Golden State and San Antonio this is the most tried team in the West, and they could be the sleepers.

6). Houston Rockets- While they are a super fun team to watch, I don’t trust their ability to make stops late in a game.

7). Boston Celtics– this team is incredibly talented, but I find them to be very beatable.

8). Utah Jazz- As long as they keep hanging their hat on defense and ball movement they will be a tough team to surpass in the West standings.

9). Toronto Raptors– maintaining their position in the East without Lowry has and will continue to be challenging for this Raptors squad.

10). Oklahoma City Thunder- The Thunder have the 5th most wins at home so if they can get the four seed, they’ll have a chance to advance to round 2 in the Playoffs.

11). Atlanta Hawks- The Hawks have been one of the hottest teams lately, and they’re pushing Toronto for that 4th seed.

12). Indiana Pacers– getting back to their defensive ways, in 7 of their nine games since the All-Star Break, Indiana has held its opponent under 100 points.

13). Memphis Grizzlies- what we’ve known about Memphis the last five seasons is that they’re gritty and always a tough team to beat…nothing’s changed.

14). Milwaukee Bucks-after a 6- game winning streak, the Bucks find themselves as the 8th seed in the East.

15). Miami Heat– Marc Stein keeps giving them love in the Top 10, but I refuse too because they still aren’t one of the eight playoff teams in East.

16). Denver Nuggets– Coach Malone has done a good job with this group, and the transaction to acquire Mason Plumlee from Portland was right for them.

17). Detroit Pistons– they have won 7 of their last 10, but it is hard for me to believe in a team that wanted to trade it’s starting point guard and franchise player Andre Drummond.

18). Dallas Mavericks- despite losing on a buzzer beater to Devin Booker, the Mavericks have won 4 of their last 5.

19). Portland Trailblazers– while many believed the Blazers were on the losing end of the Plumlee/Nurkic deal, Jusuf Nurkic has been filling the void at starting center.

20). New Orleans Pelicans– all you need to know about the Pelicans right now is that they beat the struggling Hornets in overtime while DeMarcus Cousins watched on the bench racking up only 25 minutes of action.

21). Chicago Bulls– if someone can explain to me what exactly the Bulls are trying to do then please let me know because right now I have

22). Minnesota Timberwolves– winners of 6 of their last 10, they are getting better even though it’s too late in the season.

23). Charlotte Hornets- Charlotte is playing better, but they’re just too darn inconsistent to believe in.

24). Sacramento Kings- while they are not trying to win anymore, they are in a better position as a franchise without Cousins.

25). Phoenix Suns- As they continue to rebuild we are seeing a flower of a star bloom in Devin Booker.

26). Orlando Magic- The Magic are a better basketball team post the trade deadline and coach Vogel can finally start growing his young talent.

27). New York Knicks- Carmelo Anthony had the 5th most shot attempts this week in a game, and he is the Knicks best player…enough said.

28). Philadelphia 76ers– without Embiid and Simmons on the court they are not a good team, but the future is bright.

29). Los Angeles Lakers– as the Lakers shift their attention even more to the future, we are still uncertain of what kind of job Magic Johnson and company will do with this historically significant franchise.

30). Brooklyn Nets- This is the only team in the entire NBA to be already eliminated from playoff contention.