1). San Antonio Spurs- LaMarcus Aldridge returns from injury, and the Spurs are ready to roll.

2). Houston Rockets- James Harden has been a killing it even more so recently.  He is the front-runner by many to be the new MVP.

3). Cleveland Cavaliers- Kevin Love is back from injury, and the Cavaliers are simply on cruise control until the Playoffs begin.

4). Golden State Warriors- The Warriors have been playing better recently, and every win is a building block now.

5.) Utah Jazz- The Jazz have had a successful road trip to the East coast due in large part to Gordon Hayward.

6). Toronto Raptors- The Raptors are getting back to their strengths, as they defeated the Pacers by 25 Sunday evening.

7). Washington Wizards- John Wall’s injury scare in Dallas caused real concerns for Washington, but they’ll be alright.

8). Boston Celtics- they haven’t been playing their best brand of basketball, but they’re still a top 3 team in the East who I think will get to the Eastern Conference Finals.

9). Oklahoma City Thunder- The more I hear Westbrook talk, and the more I see him play, the more I like the Thunder in the Playoffs.

10). Los Angeles Clippers- This team is going to prove why they’re a tough out come Playoff time, but right now, they’re underwhelming all of us NBA fans.

11). Memphis Grizzlies- The Grizzlies have started to turn things around.  Memphis is always a solid Playoff team that will give any higher seed a scare.

12). Portland Trailblazers- they are 8-2 this month and are looking to push Denver for that final spot in the Western Conference.

13). Denver Nuggets- their four-game winning streak is a testament to how tough the Nuggets can be. Quality wins over Boston, and Los Angeles are too good to be ignored.

14). Milwaukee Bucks- the Bucks are glad to have Khris Middleton back for this late season Playoff push.  It stinks that Milwaukee was without him all season because his presence was severely missed this season.

15). Indiana Pacers- Indiana continues to drive their fans crazy with their inconsistency. They lose to New York, beat Charlotte. They lose to Toronto by 25, beat the Jazz.  With zero consistency from this squad, you cannot gauge anything from this team.

16). Miami Heat- They are still knocking on the door of the 8th seed in the East, but how much longer can we believe they get in?

17).  Atlanta Hawks- Atlanta has struggled down the stretch.  It would be a nice time to start turning things around if Atlanta wants any momentum heading into the Playoffs.

18). Detroit Pistons- a lot of national analyst like Detroit as the 8th seed, but I am not convinced they will get the job done.  This team has too many holes.

19). Dallas Mavericks- While they are more than likely out of Playoff contention, they have worked hard to chip away at that horrible hole they dug themselves in, earlier in the season.

20). Minnesota Timberwolves- I like this young squad, and their defense has continued to get better under coach Thibs.

21). New Orleans Pelicans- although many wanted to see Davis and Cousins in the Playoffs this year, they will most likely have to wait till next season.  I think they get in next season though after adding some key pieces in the off-season.  And not essential pieces like Solomon Hill was last year. Legitimate key pieces.

22).  Charlotte Hornets- As the Hornets continue to fall off the radar, the more likely I believe this team does an overhaul of the roster.  Starting with Coach Clifford first.

23). Sacramento Kings- The Kings have used this opportunity to get some of its’ young talents some minutes.  Skal, Buddy, Willie and Ben could all use this in game experience to grow their games.

24). New York Knicks- in just a few short weeks, this underwhelming season for the city of New York will be coming to an end.  I think Knicks fans are growing tired of hearing this kind of posts about their team.

25). Chicago Bulls- with the loss of Dwyane Wade for the season, I am no longer focusing my attention on the Bulls as a contender for the 8th seed.  This team was extremely disappointing, and I highly anticipate a coaching change.

26). Orlando Magic- Frank Vogel has seen his team play better of late, but they are going to have to address some major issues in the off-season. I am curious to see who they bring in as their new General Manager, as many expect Hennigan to be relieved of his duties.

27). Phoenix Suns- As long as the Suns keep a top 5 pick in this years’ Draft, I am all for them trying to win games late in the season. Devin Booker was a lot of peoples picks for Most Improved Player of the Year this season, and although I don’t see that achievement happening this season, I believe it will be next year.  Booker could be an All-Star.

28).  Philadelphia 76ers- Dario Saric has made a name for himself, and in this underwhelming Rookie Class, Saric could be this years’ Rookie of the Year.

29). Los Angeles Lakers- in a recent game, Luke Walton got a little fiery in his post-game comments about the Bucks-Lakers scuffle.  If Luke could get that fiery attitude in his players, they wouldn’t be at the bottom of this list.

30). Brooklyn Nets- It is a shame when all Nets fans have to look forward to is what style of hair Jeremy Lin will have for each game.  The Nets are enjoying the worst record in the NBA and have already made their summer vacation schedule