OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 19: Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors reacts after scoring a three-point basket against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals at ORACLE Arena on June 19, 2016 in Oakland, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Week 8 NBA Power Rankings

    1. Warriors- when this much talent joins forces together, and they’re clicking on all cylinders you are more than likely going to lose.
    2. Cavaliers- there’s no real threat in the East to these guys, and they’re coasting till their rematch with Golden State in the Finals.
    3. Rockets- they’re probably the hottest team in the NBA & they’ve won 10 straight.
    4. Spurs– this is an organization that knows how to build basketball teams that compete at the highest level. They’re contenders, not pretenders.
    5. Clippers– if we could get consistency from LA we could buy in a lot more. Blake will be out for a little while with a knee injury, so we’ll see how they do.
    6. Raptors– Toronto is a superb basketball team with the ability to give Cleveland a run for its money. But in all seriousness, they’re a piece or 2 away from doing anything serious.
    7. Jazz– Utah has taken ownership of 1st place in the Northwest Division. They’re defensive menaces with a lot of good players. I like them, but they’re not on Golden State’s level.
    8. Thunder– without Westbrook they’re an okay team. Westbrook is clearly the front runner for MVP for getting them where they are now. I think they will make the playoffs, but I smell a trade happening with this team.
    9. Celtics– after Toronto and Cleveland, the East is wide open. Many thought Boston would be the two seed. They’re slowly separating themselves from the teams sitting at .500 in the East.
    10. Grizzlies– slowly coming down to Earth, Memphis lost 3 of their last 4…they are hopeful to have Parsons and Conley back sooner than expected.

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  1. Hornets– they’re going through a little bit of an up and down stretch right now, but with defense as the key to their game, they’ll bounce back.
  2. Knicks– there is no depth to this team, and eventually, they’ll come back down to Earth. They’re not that good of a team, but they have talent.
  3. Pacers– Indiana doesn’t have an identity. They have some good players, but they need to make a few moves to get better. Some say Bird is talking but who wants an aging Monta Ellis.
  4. Bucks- this young core is going to be a legitimate threat in a year or 2. I don’t see it happening this season, but it’s possible.
  5. Bulls- ever since Rondo served his one-game suspension we’ve seen the Bulls struggle. Nobody knows the locker room as the players, but something isn’t clicking.
  6. Pistons– this is a team that needs to continue growing together. They have some pieces in place, but there’s just something missing with this squad.
  7. Hawks– the Hawks are going to be okay with coach Bud leading the helm. He’s got the Spurs roots in him, and he has talent on his roster.
  8. Wizards– Bradley Beal is playing at all time high right now, and John Wall is playing better. Still, though, these two can’t do it by themselves.
  9. Blazers– the Blazers have a few issues, their defense is do-do, they rely on McCollum & Lillard to do everything offensively, and the role players they have are too inconsistent.
  10. Nuggets– the Nuggets have been playing better basketball as of late, and this could be just the key to setting up a blockbuster trade, or they’ll keep their current roster and settle for another middle of the lottery draft pick.
  11. Kings– it’s a matter of time till they deal the hot head that’s DeMarcus Cousins or they’ll trade Rudy Gay & McLemore for another piece they think will fit. Still, though, the Kings need to make drastic changes sooner rather than later.
  12. Lakers– Remember when the Lakers looked like a promising young core that was on the rise? Well, that was a month ago, and now they’re looking like many expected.
  13. Pelicans– without Anthony Davis this roster is laughable. Anthony Davis is slowly getting overlooked because of his horrible team. He was the talk of the league two years ago, and now it’s the KAT and Porzingis show…Davis is going to be even better with a better roster.
  14. Heat– they’re slowly starting to grow together as a team. They’re defensive-minded with an underrated coach.
  15. Magic– Their record shows they’re better than their ranking, but the truth is, this is just a dreadful roster. We’ll see what happens going forward.
  16. Timberwolves– while this young core still isn’t ready to make the jump from lottery pick to playoffs, we slowly see what they’ll be in a few years.
  17. Mavericks– while they’re playing better we still haven’t seen consistent improvement. You know Cuban isn’t happy with where they are, and neither is Carlisle.
  18. Suns– Phoenix is a few years away from being a legitimate threat. One of the youngest teams with one of the youngest rosters, they’re nowhere ready for “prime-time.”
  19. Sixers– so basically the Sixers and the Nets are the bottom feeders of the NBA. Philly recently beat the Nets by one, so I give the nod to Philly to not be the 30th ranked team. However, they have a good problem with too many bigs. The bad problem is, Nerlens Noel has expressed his displeasure with his role and wanted out. They’ll be able to get something valuable in that trade.
  20. Nets– a roster full of nobody’s and a “BrookLin” duo. They currently have the most cap space in the NBA & although they have no picks they can quickly take on a lot of salary for nothing in return.