Jan 17, 2016; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook (0) reacts after dunking the ball against the Miami Heat during the second quarter at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Week Three Power Rankings: (This Weeks Power Rankings were written before any game was played on Sunday.)


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  1. Los Angeles Clippers– the Clippers are on a 6 game winning streak right now and they look to be one of the toughest teams in the league. They’ve been the best team in the West this season.
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers– the Cavaliers lost their first game to the Atlanta Hawks this week, but bounced back with a nice win over Washington. They’re still the best team in the East, but not unbeatable.
  3. Golden State Warriors– after a loss to the Lakers 10 days ago the Warriors have been playing much better with a few dominate wins. They’re extremely talented and are starting to come together as a team.
  4. Atlanta Hawks– the Hawks are on a 4 game winning streak with an impressive win against the Cavaliers. Don’t sleep on this team. They’re playing a great brand of basketball so far this season.
  5. Toronto Raptors– the Raptors have a 3 game winning streak going on and 2 of those wins came against the Hornets and the Thunder. The Raptors are led by DeMar DeRozan this season, and he has been putting up some serious scoring performances.
  6. Charlotte Hornets– their only loss this week was against the Raptors by 2 points. They dominated Indiana and got a tough win against the defensive-minded Jazz. Kemba Walker is having an All-Star type season.
  7. Oklahoma City Thunder– tough losses to Toronto and Los Angeles this week but they were extremely close games. They took a little dip in the ranking but they’re still a really competitive team this season.
  8. Utah Jazz- the Jazz were thrilled to add Gordon Hayward back this week but the absence of George Hill against the Hornets was tough. Still, though, Utah won 3 games this week in convincing fashion.
  9. San Antonio Spurs- the Spurs lost again this week at home, this time to the Rockets. The absence of Timmy D is a bigger loss then maybe some people anticipated.
  10. Chicago Bulls- the Bulls won 3 games this week against 3 lower tier East teams but lost to the Hawks. Still, a relatively positive week for the Bulls as they are beating the teams they have to, in order to get into a playoff spot.
  11. Portland Trailblazers– the Blazers had an okay week. They won two tight games against struggling teams and got whooped by the Clippers. They’re a middle of the pack playoff team and showing why.
  12. Los Angeles Lakers– Luke Walton has got this team playing some good basketball. A comeback win over the Kings, in Sacramento, was big. They also handed the Pelicans a 27 point loss.
  13. Houston Rockets- the Rockets went into San Antonio and handed them a loss. Then let the Spurs come into their place and take that win back. The games were highly competitive though and for a not so defensive minded Rockets team, that’s a great sign going forward.
  14. Detroit Pistons- Although they didn’t have a spectacular week, the Pistons were able to play good basketball. They lost close games to the Spurs and the Suns but ended their 4 game road trip with a win over Denver. Still, a tough task for the Pistons without a full roster
  15. Boston Celtics- the Celtics had 2 wins and 1 horrible loss this week. I’m curious to see how the Celtics turn this around without Al Horford. They’re lucky Paul George was injured in their win Saturday against the Pacers, or it could’ve been a week to forget.
  16. Milwaukee Bucks- the Bucks only played two games this week, and in one of those games they lost to the winless Pelicans. The Bucks have been playing decent basketball so far this season, but still are struggling to get it all together.
  17. Brooklyn Nets- this team looked to be a bottom feeder in the East, but they have maintained a winning record through their first 9 games. With wins over Phoenix and Minnesota, the Nets are beating teams some would say are equal or better than them.
  18. Memphis Grizzlies- the Grizzlies had a not so encouraging week. They lost by 10 to the Bucks and only beat the Nuggets by 1. Memphis is still a work in progress.
  19. Indiana Pacers- the Pacers went 1-3 this week and their only win was against the (at the time winless) Philadelphia 76ers. They got slaughtered by Charlotte Monday evening and lost to Philly in Philly Friday, giving the 76ers their first win. They did play better against the Celtics, considering they were without Paul George but Indiana has still yet to win a road game this season.
  20. Dallas Mavericks- the Mavericks only played 2 games last week and they went 1-1. They beat a hot Lakers team but were trounced by the Warriors. Hopefully, they’ll grow closer together and get this record on the positive side of things.
  21. Washington Wizards- the Wizards had a very tough week and went 1-2. They lost to Toronto and Cleveland but beat the Celtics by an astonishing 25 points. Injuries early on have hindered the Wizards thus far.
  22. New York Knicks- while the Knicks started out strong with a win over Brooklyn, they got embarrassed by a 27 point loss to Boston and an 11 point loss to the Raptors. Maybe they’ll figure this out, or maybe they’re just not talented enough.
  23. Phoenix Suns- the Suns ended up winning by 7 against the Pistons but fell short by 3 to Portland and 18 to Brooklyn. So not a week the Suns want to remember, but they have a lot to like with their competitive spirit.
  24. Denver Nuggets- the Nuggets went 0-3 this week but their losses came to Memphis, Golden State, and Detroit. This team of young talent and midlevel talented guys showed how badly they lack a go-to guy. Despite all that, they’re hoping to turn things around this next week with 4 of their next 5 games at home.
  25. Minnesota Timberwolves- with an early injury to point guard Ricky Rubio, the Wolves threw Kris Dunn to a larger role. The wolves are still trying to figure this all out with new coach Thib’s and are at the bottom of the Northwest Division. Their record says they should be worse, but their play has been much better than teams below them.
  26. Sacramento Kings- Sacramento went 1-2 this week with a tough loss to the Lakers who stole the show in the 2nd half on national TV & a 2 point overtime loss to the Blazers. The schedule for the Kings looks nice as they have 5 straight home games, but they face the Spurs, Raptors, Clippers, Thunder, and Rockets. Not an easy schedule.
  27. Orlando Magic- so after a 3 game winning streak, the Magic lost to Chicago, Minnesota, and Utah all by double digits. This is why everyone wanted to know what in the world the front office of Orlando was doing when they orchestrated this roster in the off-season.
  28. Miami Heat– like Orlando, the Heat went 0-3 too. The positive thing is that the Heat were a little more competitive then Orlando was this week. Still, though, the Heat have an extremely young roster with a rebuild vision on the brain.
  29. New Orleans Pelicans- Anthony Davis finally got the Pelicans a win Thursday against the Milwaukee Bucks at the Bradley Center. This arena is noted to be one of the worst arenas in the NBA (Sorry Bucks fans). Milwaukee has been playing better ball of late too, so seeing Moore and Davis have good basketball games for the Pelicans first win was nice for the moment. Then the Lakers kicked their teeth in with a 27 point lead. It’s going to be a LONG season for Pelicans fans.
  30. Philadelphia 76ers- so they did it. They won their first game against the 0-5 (on the road) Pacers. They followed that up with a 21 point loss on the road to Atlanta. So an overtime victory over Indiana was nice for them, but it’s not a good win seeing how horrible the Pacers have been on the road this season.