University of Kentucky (8) vs. Ole Miss

3 Things To Expect


            After being handed a disappointing loss to Louisville last Saturday night, the Wildcats are looking to begin conference play with a win against Ole Miss for a sorely needed bounce-back win against the rebels. We can expect several things Thursday night, one of those things being a very, very angry John Calipari.


  1. ) No Stefan Moody, no problem


As an obviously biased and self-proclaimed UK fan, I for one am glad that Stefan Moody is playing basketball overseas. In 2014, Moody scored 25 points against a UK squad that was widely thought to achieve the mythical 40-0 record (Don’t remind me). Despite Ole Miss being run out of the gym last season to the tune of 83-61, Moody still scored an outstanding 23 points. Without Moody’s uncanny ability to spread the floor with his impressive range, expect this game to be carried by the ‘Cats, especially if they feed “Bam” Adebayo down low.


2.) Low turnover margin for UK


If John Calipari is anything, he’s a stickler for good fundamentals. No matter how good of a game his teams have, he always seems disappointed in one aspect of their play. Think Nick Saban, but better dressed. We can expect more minutes from Briscoe at the 1 given his lower turnover margin against Louisville on Saturday and for his refusal to play hero ball, instead opting to drive towards the basket and score points from the free throw line. UK should handily win this game unless Fox or Monk decides to play hero ball and pull up for the 18’ jump shots for consecutive possessions; if this is the case, expect Ole Miss to stay in this one.


3.) Kentucky should run away with this one


            As a professional, I try to be as impartial as I can. That being said, Ole Miss is just plain awful this season. When your most quality victory is against an anemic Memphis team, and you win in squeakers against Oral Roberts and UT Martin, it’s safe to say that you most likely won’t be dancing in March. Expect junior Deandre Burnett to score the lion’s share of points for the Rebels, but also expect him to turn the ball over a lot as his turnover/assist margin is .8 for the season.
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