Xavier and Georgetown are both having an up and down season. Xavier began the season hitting on all cylinders. The defense was there, and the offense was impressive. Georgetown had a much rougher beginning the talent was there it just was not cohesive. Lately, though Georgetown has found its rhythm. The two teams have many similarities that are more easily seen comparing the players in a head to head matchup.

First, Rashid Gaston and Jesse Govan are both big men that are at their best when under the basket. Both men are great at rebounding the ball leading to second shot opportunities for themselves underneath the basket. Gaston sets himself apart from Govan because he is successful at opening avenues to scoring for his fellow Musketeers.

Second, LJ Peak and Edmond Sumner both are fantastic on the fast break. Tremendous speed allows them to score quickly and often. Both are great at going full steam toward the basket usually leading to a bucket and a foul. Sumner though has a way of making a seemingly out of control drive turn into an amazing one of a kind shot. Peak, if everything is working according to plan, can score at will.

JP Macura, Trevon Blueitt, and Bradley Hayes are the experienced pieces of the puzzle. These men can do a little bit of everything. They can defend when needed, steal the ball when necessary, and score when required. Each man is influential to their respective teams. If each man has a good flow to their game so does the rest of the team.

Xavier, however, does not just have one person for these roles there are many Musketeers ready to step in. Sean O’ Mara is another big man under the basket able to rebound and score. Kaiser Gates and Malcolm Bernard can often score from any area of the c court. For this reason, Xavier will come out with a victory.

If there were a weakness to either Xavier or Georgetown, it would be at the foul line. Foul shooting needs to be worked on by both teams. It could be the difference maker when the game comes down to the wire.