His decision made waves throughout the hoops community and everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter. Supporters will speak of his potential and physical ability, doubters will knock him for the knee injuries and lack of production at the college level.

Currently the skilled forward is listed anywhere from 13-21 in most mock drafts you look at. Some GM’s will see flashes of Greg Oden and pass but in the potential thirsty NBA there will be a franchise brave enough to pull the trigger.

When you consider the possible rewards that come with drafting a player of Harry’s upside you can’t help but get hype. This is a franchise player waiting to happen if he’s able to stay healthy and ultimately reach his full potential. At the 4 he’s a beast on the boards, possesses scary athleticism, and can serve as a defensive anchor.

The medical and training staffs that take him on will have a challenge because he’s a teenage hooper who’s never played a full season. In the league players bodies are tested harder than ever through 82 games of competition. Play in the league is faster, athletes are bigger and stronger, and at this level everyone has talent but the ones who truly succeed earn everything piece by piece.

Giles has battled back from three grueling knee injuries but today an ACL tear is common in sports and players can come back even stronger in many cases. After a late start this past season with Duke, the frosh made his debut in December. Deep into the season he seemed to finally be settling in during tournament play. We saw some scoring, how good this young star runs the floor, and the ability to guard multiple positions.

This is a prospect with a strong pedigree on and off the court. Giles is truly a winner. From a basketball standpoint he’s won championships at the prep level and playing AAU for the prestigious CP3 All Stars. In international competition he was a part of the loaded U19 team that won a gold medal. Many of the younger players from that roster headline this draft class.

Off the court he’s been guided by some great coaches (Keith Gatlin, John Adams, Coach K), Chris Paul one of the greatest ambassadors of the game serves as a mentor, and he comes from a good humble city with a family that’s kept him grounded.

A lot of athletes would find themselves in trouble under the microscope Harry is under but through it all he’s kept his composure and avoided trouble off the court.

Officially it was reported Giles had intentions of hiring an agent which means his amature status will be retired for good.

No matter what the public says, if he makes or break it in the league ultimately it will be his path to make.

As for me well I personally wouldn’t bet against HG, but hey, all the greats had haters.