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Tyson Fury told boxing fans on twitter Monday that his return to the ring, after a long layoff for personal reasons, would come May 13th. This comeback will supposedly be against an opponent TBD on Boxnation and BT sport in Leeds at the First Direct Arena.

Apparently, this was news to the British Boxing Board General Secretary Robert Smith who upon hearing the news reminded us all that, “Tyson Fury is suspended”, and “has a lot of issues he needs to deal with before he even thinks of getting in the ring properly”. He then said, “We haven’t had any contact with him since he was suspended so I would expect, if he was looking to box [again] shortly, he’ll need to contact us. He hasn’t done so and therefore nothing has changed”. He also went on to note that there is a hearing with the U.K. doping agency next month.
Fury is still seen by boxing purists as the true Heavyweight Champion Of The World so it should get pretty interesting to see what plays out during the next few months and to see if he is actually going to take this comeback seriously and if any of these so-called “champs” can handle him if they do get in the ring with him.
We will keep you updated as the situation progresses.
By Steven Mccowan for  Ringside Reporter
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