April 29, 2017

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Natural Medicine show w/Dr.Bill Grome Vitamin B12 deficiency

Join Mike Goodpaster and Holistic Dr.Bill Grome as Dr.Grome discusses the importance of vitamin b12 and what problems a deficiency can cause.  

Real Deal w/ Josh Benjamin Episode 1

Join host josh Benjamin for the inaugural episode of the Real Deal. In Tonight's episode we will be discussing several aspects on Youth Sports...

Natural Medicine show w/Dr.Bill Grome-Natural heartburn cures!

Join host Mike Goodpaster and Dr.Bill Grome as they discuss the causes and natural cures for heartburn. https://www.spreaker.com/embed/player/standard?episode_id=8076286&autoplay=false

The Natural Medicine show with Dr.Bill Grome-Inflammation

Join Mike Goodpaster and Dr.Bill Grome for the inaugural episode of the grueling truth's natural medicine show. Tonight's topic is inflammation and how to...