March 28, 2017

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Natural Medicine show w/Dr.Bill Grome Vitamin B12 deficiency

Join Mike Goodpaster and Holistic Dr.Bill Grome as Dr.Grome discusses the importance of vitamin b12 and what problems a deficiency can cause.  

Donny LaLonde and Ron McCormick talk Modern Medicine v.s Natural Medicine

Join Mike Goodpaster and Joe Rodriguez as they welcome former Light Heavyweight Champion Donny LaLonde and Ron McCormick from Pure Nutrition to talk about...

Real Deal w/Josh Benjamin: Becoming a college athlete!

This week's topic will be about what it takes to become a collegiate athlete. Our discussions will venture to both the athletic and academic...

Natural Medicine show w/Dr.Bill Grome-Natural heartburn cures!

Join host Mike Goodpaster and Dr.Bill Grome as they discuss the causes and natural cures for heartburn.