1). The Big Ten is overrated- The Big 10 was hyped as by far the best conference in college football, then the Bowl games started and the truth came out. In total the Big 10 was 3-7, more concerning is the fact that three out of their four best teams were beaten. So maybe the question to ask is could the reason those top 4 teams were ranked so high be because there were only four quality teams? Maybe the records were achieved because the quality of the bottom eight or so teams was so bad. From watching the Bowl games with the Big 10 teams, I think it is safe to say that Penn State and Wisconsin by the end of the year were the two best teams in the conference. Penn State belonged in the Final 4.

2). Sometime in the next three years, USC QB Sam Darnold will be the number one pick in the NFL draft- Darnold has been spectacular since he took over the starting job. His poise under pressure is impressive, his arm strength is great, and his ability to move in the pocket is excellent. Barring injury, he will someday be a stud on Sunday’s. Darnold is the best QB prospect to come out since Andrew Luck.

3). The ACC is the best overall conference in the Nation- Clemson will be playing for a National Title next Monday night, and overall the conference is an impressive 8-3 in the bowl games.

4). The Rose Bowl is special no matter what- Even though it was not a playoff game, the Granddaddy of them all will always be special no matter what. The atmosphere in the Rose Bowl was electric, and the game will go down as one of the greatest in Rose Bowl history.

5). The College playoff system has made most bowl games meaningless- I love the college playoff, but let’s face it who wants to watch the Bahamas Bowl? These have become exhibition games were the people that run the NCAA line their pockets with kickbacks from the bowls. A lot of these Bowl games are played in half-empty stadiums(Sometimes even less than that).

6). They need to expand the College Playoffs- Come on tell me you weren’t watching the Rose Bowl wishing that USC and Penn State had replaced Washington and Ohio State? Every level of College Football has at least a 16 team playoff; it’s about time that the NCAA crown’s a real National Champion. With just four teams getting into the playoff the committee eliminates a team like USC that starts out slow and then gets better as the season progresses. The goal should be to have the best teams playing when you get to the Final Four, and you can not convince me that a team like USC doesn’t deserve to prove on the field how good they are.

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  • jw

    Most Big10 teams, end up with a defacto away game in these bowl games. Did you see the crowd for the Penn State/USC game? 75% USC fans.

    Since the bowl games are so meaningless and seats are empty, maybe we need to move some of them to a more northern latitude so the Big10 fan base doesn’t have to travel as far.

  • Mike Roebuck

    If the big 10 is so damned good then how does BAMA have 16 National Championship trophies under three different rating systems? Just had to ask.

    • David Roe

      because they always have a cupcake schedule play maybe 1 good team are always at full strength at end of year put them in the big10 let their players get beat up every single week like the big 10 teams do bama basicly plays like a flag football league always atleast sunny and 65 come play at Wisconsin northwestern minnesoya illionis in late November when u get tackled on frozen ground every play 30 mile an hour winds and teams have big bruising linemen on every team not just one team and teams run true football plays not illegal pick plays where the wides are making contact with defensive backs while the ball is in the air refs over look that some of their biggest plaus come off of these picks or they proly wouldn’t go undefeated or even make it to champ game its for real guge!!!