The aged old David vs Goliath matchup that everyone loves. Wisconsin has been one of the surprises this year having lost close contests to Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan. Western Michigan was expected to win the MAC, going to Northwestern and winning meant this team had a chance to do something special, and they have. The question now is can the Broncos finish it off?

Wisconsin Badgers- The Badgers are the old school three yards and a cloud of dust Big 10 team. They have one of the best front sevens in the country, there only weakness on defense is the secondary. The secondary was exposed in the second half of the Big 10 Championship game, were they blew a seemingly insurmountable 28-7 lead against Penn State.

Western Michigan Broncos- The Broncos have maybe the best WR in the Country in Corey Davis, Davis reminds most who have seen him of the Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones. QB Zach Terrell has thrown 32 TD passes against 3 interceptions. Defensively they are being overlooked big-time, they are strong up front and I do not see Wisconsin manhandling the Broncos.


Keys to the Game

Can Western Michigan slow down the Badger ground attack?

Western Michigan’s secondary is talented enough to play man-to-man and load the box in an effort to try to limit what Wisconsin can do on the ground. At that point, it’s just a matter of who wins in the trenches. The Broncos have been ok against the run this season, allowing only 151.2 yards per game. They may be underrated along the defensive front, and it will be worth noting any difficulty the Badgers have moving the ball against them early on, because if they do the Badgers can get in trouble very quickly.

The Badgers secondary against Western Michigan’s passing game.

After watching Wisconsin get shredded by Penn State I find it hard to believe that the Badgers secondary can defend the Broncos passing game. The only chance they have is to get a lot of pressure on the Broncos and force Terrell to throw the ball quickly.



I think Wisconsin’s front seven will keep them in the game, but in the end, the Broncos have too much offense for the Badgers to contend with. Broncos 31  Badgers 24
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