1). Alabama Crimson Tide (2-0)

38-10 win over Western Kentucky may seem like no big deal on the surface. Western has had a solid program for a while and the Tide averted a hangover after a dominating win over USC.The defense is suffocating and the offense is way ahead of where most thought it would be after two games.


2). Florida State Seminoles (2-0)

Beat Charleston Southern 52-8 as expected. Complete team that is getting great QB play, huge test against Louisville next.


3). Clemson Tigers (2-0)

Struggled at Auburn last week, followed that up with a close 30-24 win over Troy. They need to play more consistently.


4), Ohio State Buckeyes (2-0)

Another blowout win, they look dominating. Let’s face it they haven’t played anyone yet where we can gauge exactly how good they are.


5). Michigan Wolverines (2-0)

Same thing that we said about the Buckeyes applies to the Wolverines, they look great but they haven’t played anybody.


6). Houston Cougars (2-0)

Beat Lamar 42-0, this is a very good team. Unlike Michigan and Ohio State they have beaten Oklahoma.


7). Washington Huskies (2-0)

Beat Idaho 59-14, still waiting to face their first test of the season.


8). Wisconsin Badgers (2-0)

This team has been an early season surprise, and I really thought Akron would put up more of a fight.


9). Stanford Cardinal (1-0)

Next opponent coming off the bye will be USC, followed by a tough test against UCLA.


10). Iowa Hawkeyes (2-0)

Dominating win over in state rival Iowa State, Hawkeyes are a contender in a suddenly tough Big 10.


11). Tennessee Volunteers (2-0)

Struggled in their opener and fell behind 14-0 early to Virginia Tech. What happened in the rest of the game is why people thought this team could be a contender this year.


12). Louisville Cardinals (2-0)

Has any team has been as scary as the Cardinals have been so far this season? Now we get to see exactly how good they are as next up is Florida State.


13). Texas Longhorns (2-0)

Beat UTEP 41-7 after last week’s thrilling win over Notre Dame. Things are looking up in the Longhorn state.


14). Georgia Bulldogs (2-0)

A 26-24 win over Nicholls State is not impressive, possibly a letdown after last week’s big win over North Carolina? Hopefully for Bulldogs fans that is all it was.


15). Oklahoma Sooners (1-1)

A 59-14 win over Louisiana Monroe, does nothing to eras last week’s performance.


16). Notre Dame (1-1)

39-10 over Nevada is a start  we will find out just how good Notre Dame is in the next couple weeks.


17). Texas A&M (2-0)

Beat Prairie View 67-0.


18). Michigan State Spartans (1-0)

Bye week this week.


19). Oregon Ducks (2-0)

Still haven’t been tested, but this could be a sleeper team.


20). Arkansas Razorbacks (2-0)

Upset win at TCU puts the Razorbacks in the top 20.


21). Baylor Bears (2-0)

Scoring a lot of points as usual, question is can they play defense good enough to contend when the competition gets tougher?


22). UCLA Bruins (1-1)

Easy win over UNLV was as expected, bye week, next then a big game with Stanford.


23). OLE MISS (1-1)

Beat Wofford 38-19.


24). LSU (1-1)

Beat Jacksonville State as expected, QB play will be the key for the Tigers.


25). TCU Horned Frogs (1-1)

Gary Patterson is a great football coach, but the Frogs look to be in trouble this year.