Everything in the world was back to normal last week when I once again finished “in the money” in what was arguably the last meaningful fantasy week of the season.

Some playoff seeding still needs to be decided in Week 20 but with Ottawa already announcing that Brock Jensen will start at quarterback, there might only be two teams with something to play for: Winnipeg and BC. Winnipeg will be up against Ottawa’s backups while BC will be up against whoever Chris Jones decides to throw on the field for Saskatchewan.

Speaking of Chris Jones, I had the opportunity to attend the final Roughrider game ever played at Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field on Saturday and was quite disappointed with a number of his decisions.

I didn’t exactly expect the Riders to beat BC, but I expected them to try and field their best possible team. It became clear quite early on that Jones didn’t care how Rider Nation felt about the occasion as he decided to rotate quarterbacks early in the game. At that moment, I decided to reminisce about all of the great games I’ve witnessed and times I’ve had at Taylor Field.

The 2007 Labour Day Classic, the 2010 home opener, the 2013 Grey Cup, the list goes on. I had a blast one more time but I also can’t wait to usher in a new era next summer: The bathrooms that are falling apart, the tiny benches, the food poisoning from the concessions … it’s definitely time for a new stadium. Heck, George Reed himself said that stadium should have been demolished when *he* played.

 photo 05_zpsobet0kvg.jpgMy dad and I

 photo 06_zpsftoyfuje.jpgCheck out that hat. Anyone want to sit behind that guy?

 photo 07_zpseexqhlej.jpgDon Narcisse

 photo 08_zpskldymns4.jpgChris Best

 photo 11_zps0rmuafox.jpgThe Riders “Bring ‘Em Out” one more time

 photo 20_zpslfytifbv.jpgAdam Bighill was cool enough to take photos with both BC Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders fans alike.

 photo 16_zpsk26ggr3t.jpgWhat a great closing ceremony!

Here’s who I’m *tentatively* going with this week in DraftKings CFL daily fantasy football.

Matt Nichols (WPG QB $7,800): Winnipeg *wants* to host a home playoff game and the only way they can do that is if they beat Ottawa on Friday night. Ottawa has already announced that they’ll be resting most of their starters and there’s no way Nichols throws another three interceptions in this one. In a week where paying attention to depth charts is more important than ever, Nichols is one of the cheapest and most “sure” options at quarterback.

Andrew Harris (WPG RB $8,200): On the same note, Andrew Harris may be one of the only “sure” options in the backfield this week. John White didn’t practice in Edmonton on Tuesday and it’s quite possible BC will rest Jeremiah Johnson on Saturday so keep a close eye on the statuses of both Shakir Bell and Anthony Allen. Harris has averaged just under 18 touches per game and on a cool Friday night in Ottawa, I wouldn’t expect anything different.

Emmanuel Arceneaux (BC WR $9,800): He’s expensive but oh so worth it. I expect Winnipeg to beat Ottawa on Friday night, so BC is going to want to beat Saskatchewan and have an extra home game before the West Final. The Jennings and Arceneaux connection has been nothing short of dominant. The Manny Show has been getting over eight targets a game and has an outside shot at eclipsing 1,500 yards on the season. I feel like a lot more people would be talking about #84 if it weren’t for someone named Adarius Bowman.

Brandon Zylstra (EDM WR $4,300): It’s possible Edmonton’s playoff fate is decided (A Winnipeg win means they play Hamilton in the East Semi-Final) by the time they take the field on Saturday so you may see some of Edmonton’s stars get a nice rest before the playoffs. Zylstra has only played five games this season but he’s a serious contender for Edmonton’s nominee for Rookie of the Year. Last week he was targeted 10 times and gained 86 yards on 6 catches. For $4,300 you could do a *lot* worse.

FLEX – BC’s Starting Running Back: Jeremiah Johnson or Anthony Allen? It doesn’t matter. Both backs have succeeded when given the ball this season and I like whoever gets the start against Saskatchewan on Saturday. Jeremiah Johnson has two straight one hundred yard games and you can bet Wally Buono is going to want his offensive line riding a wave of momentum heading into the playoffs no matter who gets the start at running back. No matter who starts, double digit carries await Allen or Johnson.

Keep an eye on those depth charts and good luck for the final week of the season!

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