Every season there is quarterbacks selected in the draft who are considered to be a project. Which ones this season are the best to take a gamble on in hopes of finding either a fantastic backup, a trade asset, or possibly the future of the franchise through development and some luck.

#5 –  Antonio Pipkin – Tiffin

We are talking about a kid in Pipkin, who through for almost 11,000 yards and rushed for almost 3,000 in his tenure at Tiffin. Despite it being D-II, Antonio has good film. He has a solid arm and very good legs and feet which make him a treat to watch. The question will be whether some of this stuff can translate. A player with this insane of film and talent shouldn’t be slept on regardless of competition and size — two things currently holding Antonio back on draft boards. Pipkin deserves to get drafted without a doubt, and I expect him to find a niche in the NFL.


#4 – Jerrod Evans – Virginia Tech

Evans has solid film and has quality examples of play in all aspects of the game, but really is not elite at anything. He has had some injury history and that could deter teams away from him. Another thing that could give some teams pause is that there has been talks about a possible position change for him at the next level, but I don’t think that will be needed. 

#3 – Chad Kelly – Ole Miss

A bad comparison when we are talking about college play style, but in terms of ‘being slept on’ and where he is from, he and Prescott share similarities. Kelly does have a lot more off-the-field baggage, that will be brought up. Anyhow, both have played against the best of the best NFL-like competition during their college careers, and played in similar NFL systems. Kelly has shown numerous signs of gaudy talent and potential, he has just failed to sustain it. He has the size, the arm talent, and experience to end up a quality NFL QB, it is just whether HE wants to succeed and do so. That is why he is a gamble. Because if his mind was right all through college, and he worked on his craft instead of being the individual he is, he could be a second rounder.

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