CFL Week 5 Power Rankings!

Week 4 brought us one of the greatest performance in CFL history by a quarterback as Ottawa’s Trevor Harris continues to put up unreal numbers. Montreal is in big time trouble, Saskatchewan unlike last year might just have a capable backup. The fans in B.C. will not be screaming for Travis Lulay, at least this week. Coach O’Shea needs to start winning right now, if he doesn’t he may not make it through the season.

1). Ottawa Redblacks (3-0-1)

The Redblacks have been my number one team since preseason, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.

Harris’ first trip back to Toronto since leaving the Argonauts and signing with Ottawa last year, turned out to be a success for the star QB, beating his old club 30-20. Harris connected on 28-of-31 passes for 392 yards and no interceptions.

Greg Ellingson, who had nine receptions for 218 yards, was Harris’ favourite target for the night and the star for Ottawa’s offense. The way Harris is playing right now his job has to be safe doesn’t it?

Next Up: @Saskatchewan

2). B.C.Lions (3-1)

The story for the Lions so far this year had to be their great defense, but at this same time the offense was just as big a story. Unfortunately the offensive story was not a good story for the Lions. That changed Saturday night in the second half in Saskatchewan as Jonathan Jennings and the Lions came alive, finally.

The 23-year-old Jennings completed 25 passes for a career-high 429 yards and three touchdowns, as the Lions downed the Saskatchewan Roughriders 40-27 Saturday night at Mosaic Stadium.The Lions also received strong outings from Nick Moore and Shawn Gore, who racked up 88 and 109 yards respectively and a touchdown apiece.

If the offense continues to play like Saturday night, this will be a dangerous team all season long.

Next Up: Bye

3). Calgary Stampeders (1-1-1)

Bye week this week, dropped to third because of the offensive turn around in B.C. this last week.

Next Up: @Winnipeg

4). Edmonton Eskimos (2-1)

Mike Reilly continues to put up absurd numbers, Reilly threw for over 450 yards and two touchdowns as the Edmonton Eskimos completed the comeback on Thursday, defeating the Bombers 20-16 in Winnipeg.

The Eskimos will be one of the best teams in the CFL this year, and I believe there best is yet to come. The defense played much better against Winnipeg, now they have to turn it into a consistent thing against better teams.

Next Up: Host Hamilton

5). Toronto Argonauts (2-2)

What’s up with the Argos, they get a nice new stadium and have a 0-2 record on it. The crowd for the game no matter the day was pathetic. Toronto has no excuse for this.

Ricky Ray is still a very good quarterback and the Argos I believe are a solid team. They lost a good competitive game to what I think is the best team in the CFL in Ottawa. The home curse should end this week as the host Montreal.

Next Up: Host Montreal

6). Hamilton Ti Cats (2-2)

Played a horrible first half, lucky for them so did Montreal. As always they were jump started by Brandon Banks who was amazing as usual.

To say the game started slowly would be a huge understatement. Sparked by Banks return for a TD the Ticats blew the game open in the second half of a 31-7 win.

Next Up: @Edmonton

7). Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1-3)

The Blue Bombers are showing some improvement, but not enough to hang with the top half of the division.

Next Up: Host Calgary

8). Saskatchewan Roughriders (0-3)

I know last week I said they would be ninth until they won a game, but if you watched Montreal you know who the worst team in the league is.

The Roughriders had the lead for much of the game until the Lions exploded in the second half. More than the loss the question for the Roughriders has to be is how bad is Darian Durant injured?

Next Up: Host Ottawa

9). Montreal Alouettes (1-2)

If you watched the game, I think you will understand the Alouettes being ninth.

Next Up: @Toronto