Rouge, White and Blue: CFL Week 6, Joe is down but not out

Poor Joe Pritchard. The co-host of the Rouge, White & Blue CFL podcast has had a helluva week since the last show, essentially not enjoying seven days full of the L-word. Another limp performance from his beloved Winnipeg Blue Bombers kicked off Joe’s football week, which went on to include the retirement of wideout Greg Jennings from his Green Bay Packers, a loss to yours truly in CFL fantasy football and, most egregiously of all, a last-place finish and loss to – yep – l’il ol’ me in the Gridiron Moe Super Bowl Trivia Contest hosted here at

Nevertheless, Joe has bounced back nicely enough to record this week’s Rouge, White & Blue. In recapping week 5. Along the way, we praise the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Hamiltion Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders for their wins and try to figure out what just what in the name of the football gods happened to the Eskimo Eskimos in the second half against Hamilton.
We’re also looking forward to week 6, making our picks while Pritchard drops the occasional statistical science. We ponder as to just how good that BC Lions at Calgary game gonna be? (Much dithering colors this portion of the pick ‘em discussion; I think I change my mind five times while running down the advantages of either side.) And are the Bombers and Montreal Alouettes already playing out the string?
Next week’s gotta go better for Joe football-wise. But for now, we’ve got this week’s episode of the RWB. Don’t worry; it’s not as depressing as it may sound. Thanks for listening and talk to you next week!
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