Sorry guys Ezekiel Elliott has stolen your girl.

You’re going to see significantly a greater amount of Ezekiel Elliott in 2017, and we do mean that literally.

In the wake of blasting onto the NFL scene in noteworthy fashion, the Dallas Cowboys’ star running back set NFL records on his approach to securing the 2016 league rushing title. He’s been enhanced with awards since, and has been as of late selected for “Best NFL Player” at the current year’s ESPY Awards.

ESPN felt like it was time to take 10 steps forward, however, including the previous Ohio State star on the front of its new “ESPN Body” issue.

Twitter post made by Ezekiel Elliott showing magazine cover

“My abs get a lot of attention,” Elliott said to ESPN, via The Dallas Morning News. “I feel like I’m going to lose some mojo if I lose my abs. So, I got to make sure I stay right.”

Ladies, make sure you purchase your copy soon because the issue won’t likely remain on the newspaper kiosks for long, as Elliott is a standout amongst the most prominent competitors on the planet at this moment.

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