Last week, I started a Fantasy Football Preview series, which showcased the best receivers, as well as those returning from injury.

In Part 2, we’re going to look at receivers to avoid and receivers to look for in later rounds.

Avoid These Receivers

1. Victor Cruz – New York Giants

As much as a healthy Cruz would mean to the Giants, there just isn’t enough reason to think that he’ll be ready or effective for your fantasy team. Avoid drafting him at all.

2. Mike Wallace – Baltimore Ravens

Every year, it seems there is hope that the speedy Mike Wallace will become an impact fantasy player, and every year, we’re disappointed. I wouldn’t expect anything more than what he produced in Miami or Minnesota. Avoid at all costs.

3. Kenny Britt – Los Angeles Rams

The talent is there, but he rarely puts up fantasy-worthy numbers. With an unknown commodity at quarterback, the only place Britt should be is on your watch list. Don’t even draft him.

4. DeSean Jackson – Washington Redskins

The biggest reason most draft Jackson is because of his speed and what he used to do on the field. Given how deep the Redskins’ receiving corps is and how injury prone he seems to be, the best advice I can give is just let someone else draft him.

5. Danny Amendola – New England Patriots

Amendola is a good receiver, but he’s on a team with Rob Gronkowski, Marcellus Bennett, and Julian Edelman. He’s just not going to get enough targets and he battles the injury bug. Keep him on your watch list, but he’s probably not worth drafting.

6. Jeff Janis – Green Bay Packers

This is probably going to get some eyebrows raised, but don’t believe the hype. He’s on a team with too many receivers and the Packers coaches see him as a player who still needs a lot of work. Another watch list receiver.

7. Vincent Jackson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

He wasn’t healthy last year, so it’s possible that he’ll have a better 2016, but he’s now 33. It’s a very risky pick, so if you’re pulling the trigger, make sure it’s very late in your draft.

8. Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals

I’m a huge Fitz fan, but at some point, he’s not going to be an elite fantasy receiver. Too much rests on the shoulders of Carson Palmer being healthy and that’s asking a lot. If he’s there very late, go for it, otherwise, let someone else use an earlier pick on him.

9. Emmanuel Sanders – Denver Broncos

At this point in the list, I’m not saying he’s undraftable. Just be careful. He’s going to have either a rookie or Mark Sanchez throwing to him, which will more than likely cause his numbers to drop. Buyer beware.

10. Demaryius Thomas – Denver Broncos

See Emmanuel Sanders. He’s not going to be that top 5 fantasy receiver that he’s been. He’s a mid-round receiver now who will get drafted way too high.

Best Value Receivers

1. Golden Tate – Detroit Lions

With Megatron retired, it’s likely that Matthew Stafford targets Tate even more, despite the additions of Anquan Boldin and Marvin Jones. He’s a mid-round pick, but should perform at a high level.

2. Eric Decker – New York Jets

The quarterback situation in New York has been less than ideal, but Ryan Fitzpatrick will more than likely be the starter. Decker has put up very good numbers and gets overlooked. He’s another mid-round pick that should give fantasy owners a lot of return on investment.

3. Willie Snead – New Orleans Saints

With the emergence of Brandin Cooks and the drafting of Michael Thomas, Snead gets overlooked. He should be a good addition in PPR leagues as he caught 69 balls for 984 yards and 3 touchdowns last year. Expect him to be targeted more in 2016.

4. Donte Moncrief – Indianapolis Colts

He received nearly as many targets as fellow wideout T.Y. Hilton did last year. There are voices in Indy that say Moncrief could emerge as the Colts’ leader in receptions this year. He should fly a bit under the radar and could be a big find in the mid rounds.

5. Travis Benjamin – San Diego Chargers

Benjamin was able to be a star in Cleveland and should be able to surpass those numbers by playing with Phillip Rivers and Keenan Allen. He’s worth a look for your WR3 position.