1 – New England

The Patriots reloaded to the point where they won’t miss Edelman as much as people think. They might not lose a game the entire way.

2 – Atlanta

Atlanta upgraded their defense and still has a lot of firepower. They will learn from their mistakes and get back to the Super Bowl.

3 – Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has the best offense in football and an improving defense. Unfortunately, they will lose again in the AFC Championship game.

4 – Oakland

The Raiders are poised to make a run and have the personnel to do it. Marshawn Lynch and the defense will be the keys to going far in the postseason.

5 – Dallas

The Cowboys will be fine but it’s hard to say how far their defense can take them.

6 – Seattle

The Seahawks have a great defense and if they can keep Russell Wilson upright, they will contend.

7- Green Bay

The Packers have a great passing game. And that’s it. It’s the same story as the last few years. They will win the North by default and lose to a real team in the postseason.

8 -Tennessee

The Titans grabbed a number of receivers to go with their dynamic running game. It’s the defense that has to show it can play with the big boys.

9 – New York Giants

The Giants have a lot of defense and a good passing attack. It will come down to the offensive line and whether or not they can run to take pressure off of Eli Manning.

10 – Houston

If the Texans can get anything out of their quarterback situation, they will be in the playoffs.

11 – Tampa Bay

Jameis Winston is getting better and the Bucs have more around him. They should win 1o games this year.

12 – Minnesota

The Vikings have the potential to win the North, but it’s hard to trust Sam Bradford.

13 – Philadelphia

The Eagles have a number of good skill players and an improving quarterback. They’re in a difficult division with a questionable defense however.

14 – Kansas City

The Chiefs are declining but have interesting options with Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill. The quarterback situation may change as well. Hard to see them winning the West.

15 – Cincinnati

The Bengals have a good enough defense to keep them in games. It will all come down to keeping Andy Dalton on his feet and opening holes for the running backs. They could win 11 or lose 11.

16 – Detroit

The Lions have some talent, but they hit their ceiling last year. They probably win 7 games this year.

17 – Arizona

Time is running out for Carson Palmer, but the Cardinals have a chance to make it as a Wild Card. Odds are they don’t.

18 – Carolina

The Panthers have a good front seven and more of a running game. They might be better than last year, but they are in the best division in the NFC.

19 – Chargers

Phillip Rivers has more around him and a better offensive line than last year. The defense improved and they could make noise.

20 – New Orleans

They’ll be dangerous at home and indoors, but will lose on the road.

21 – Miami

The Dolphins are gonna be bad. That’s it.

22 – Baltimore

John Harbaugh is a great coach, but they may only win 8 games this year.

23 – Denver

The Broncos still have a defense, but they’re not the same without Peyton Manning.

24 – Indianapolis

The Colts haven’t gotten any better and they’re gonna be passed by.

25 – Washington

The Redskins are sliding and it won’t stop. Kirk Cousins could be gone after 2017.

26 – San Francisco

The 49ers addressed several needs and could surprise teams. The defense is good and if they can run the ball, Kyle Shanahan knows how to get a lot out of his quarterback.

27 – Jacksonville

The Jaguars have talent, but it appears they have no idea what to do at quarterback.

28 – LA Rams

The Rams could surprise as well, but they’ll finish last this year.

29 – Buffalo

The Bills are actiing like they’re in full rebuild mode.

30 – Cleveland

Believe it or not, the Browns could win 7 games. But until they do, they’re down here.

31 – Chicago

The Bears just don’t have much going for them and have a lot of injuries.

32 – New York Jets

This could be one of the worst teams ever.


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