1- New England (7-1) – No change here. Until they lose, the Patriots will be number one.

2- Dallas (7-1) – Dallas is as good as anyone. There will be riots if Tony Romo plays instead of Dak Prescott.

3- Oakland (7-2) – Huge statement win on Sunday for the Raiders as they pounded Denver.

4- Atlanta (6-3) – The Falcons have one of the top offenses in the league and that will take them places.

5- Seattle (5-2-1) – They’ve gotten by on some questionable calls this year, but there’s no denying how good this team is.

6- Kansas City (6-2) – The Chiefs have quietly won four in a row.

7- New York Giants (5-3) – Eli Manning has played very well as the Giants have won three straight.

8- Denver (6-3) – The Broncos could be lower but several other teams lost too. The offense just isn’t there.

9- Detroit (5-4) – Could the Lions win the North? At this point, why not?

10- Philadelphia (4-4) – The Eagles are losing a number of close games, but still have a chance to get a Wild Card if they can string some wins together.

11- Minnesota (5-3) – The Vikings have to fix things quickly.

12- Baltimore (4-4) – They could be higher, but nobody in the AFC North looks any good right now.

13- New Orleans (4-4) – The Saints have won two straight and offensively look to be as good as anyone.

14- Washington (4-3-1) – The Redskins didn’t play this week, which bodes will for them.

15 – Houston (5-3) – The only thing keeping the Texans this high on the list is their record. I’m not sure they’re a top 20 team.

16- Miami (4-4) – Miami has won three straight and Jay Ajayi looks legit.

17- Indianapolis (4-5) – The Colts were left for dead but came up with a huge performance at Green Bay to save their season.

18- Pittsburgh (4-4) – The Steelers have some real problems to figure out on defense and now even on offense.

19- Arizona (3-4-1) – The Cardinals have a chance to leapfrog a few teams, but also have to prove they’re still a powerhouse that many believe they are.

20- Cincinnati (3-4-1) – Cincinnati all of a sudden finds themselves a half game out of first in a not very good division.

21- San Diego (4-5) – They might be under .500, but they come to play each week and have been in nearly every game.

22- Tennessee (4-5) – Marcus Mariota has this offense playing well. If they can beat Green Bay this week, they can prove to many that they can be AFC South champs this year.

23- Green Bay (4-4) – If it weren’t for the bad officiating in Week one against Jacksonville, this Packers team could be below number 25. Right now, they’re just bad.

24- Buffalo (4-5) – The Bills have had chances but keep losing tight games.

25- Carolina (3-5) – The Panthers have won two in a row but Cam is taking a beating.

26- Tampa Bay (3-5) – Tampa is still a Wild Card possibility.

27- Los Angeles (3-5) – The Rams have some pieces in place, but probably need a new coach.

28- New York Jets (3-6) – The Jets don’t seem to be headed anywhere this year except near the top of the draft board.

29- Chicago (2-6) – The Bears have won more games than I thought they would at this point.

30- Jacksonville (2-6) – The Jaguars need offensive line help.

31- San Francisco (1-7) – The only thing keeping the 49ers from the bottom is Cleveland not winning a game yet.

32- Cleveland (0-9) – Could Cleveland go 0-16? Absolutely.