1. New England (6-1) – The Patriots will keep finding ways to win with this roster.

2. Minnesota (5-1) – Everyone loses one game. The Vikings do have to think about their offensive line woes, however.

3. Dallas (5-1) – A big showdown against the Eagles this weekend.

4. Seattle (4-1-1) – The Seahawks are again right in the middle of the conversation for best team in the NFC.

5. Denver (5-2) – Not the same team as last year, but will probably make the postseason.

6. Philadelphia (4-2) – The Eagles are better than most think and will have a lot to say about who is in the NFC Championship game.

7. Oakland (5-2) – The Raiders appear ready to compete with the big guns of the AFC.

8. Kansas City (4-2) – The Chiefs had a good outing at home. If they can play better on the road, they will be difficult to beat.

9. Green Bay (4-2) – The Packers are in trouble and it begins this weekend in Atlanta.

10. Atlanta (4-3) – The Falcons should probably be 6-1 but haven’t been able to finish a game lately.

11. Detroit (4-3) – The Lions are quietly playing some good football.

12. Pittsburgh (4-3) – The Steelers are still real good, but they need Big Ben back like right now.

13. Washington (4-3) – Washington is still a team that not many would like to face. The NFC East race is heating up.

14. Buffalo (4-3) – The Bills are still a good team and will be an interesting team down the stretch.

15. New York Giants (4-3) – Not sure what to make of the Giants up to this point, but they are in the Wild Card race.

16. Arizona (3-3-1) – The Cardinals could easily be undefeated but they have major special teams issues.

17. Houston (4-3) – It’s pretty obvious that Brock Osweiler isn’t that good of a quarterback.

18. Tampa Bay (3-3) – The Bucs might be better than their record.

19. Cincinnati (3-4) – The Bengals offensive line and overall defense have to play better if they want to be a playoff team.

20. San Diego (3-4) – The Chargers should be much better than they are, but Sunday was a start.

21. Miami (3-4) – The Dolphins beat a pretty good Buffalo team and look better than they did.

22. Indianapolis (3-4) – The Colts are nothing but a tease. Don’t expect them to go far.

23. Tennessee (3-4) – Just when you think the Titans are on the verge of becoming a playoff team, they play the way they did Sunday.

24. Los Angeles Rams (3-4) – The Rams seem to be forever trapped at .500 with Jeff Fisher.

25. Baltimore (3-4) – It’s early, but the Ravens don’t look like a team that’s even competing for a Wild Card.

26. New Orleans (2-4) – Another team that is better than their record, but isn’t very consistent.

27. Jacksonville (2-4) – Clearly not meeting expectations.

28. New York Jets (2-5) – Well, Fitzpatrick is back. Not sure it will be any better than it was.

29. Carolina (1-5) – We’ll see if the defending NFC Champs can get back on track.

30. Chicago (1-6) – The season is over.

31. San Francisco (1-6) – Incomplete rebuild mode.

32. Cleveland (0-7) – Just keep finding new ways to lose.