1. New England (7-1) – Will New England lose another game this year?

2. Dallas (6-1) – The Cowboys look like the best team in the NFC. They are well balanced and Dak Prescott is here to stay.

3. Oakland (6-2) – The Raiders find ways to win. That’s the mark of a good team. Derek Carr is coming into his own.

4. Denver (6-2) – Denver’s defense was all over Phillip Rivers and forced multiple turnovers. The Broncos will have a chance every week if their defense plays like that.

5. Kansas City (5-2) – The Chiefs have quietly won 3 in a row. We’ll see if it continues.

6. Minnesota (5-2) – They probably should be even lower but not enough good teams below them won this week. Two bad outings in a row. They have to figure things out quickly.

7. Atlanta (5-3) – Despite their injuries on offense, the Falcons were able to get a big 33-32 win over the Packers and keep pace with the big guns of the NFC.

8. Seattle (4-2-1) – I know they lost, but they’re still a good team and could be much higher by season’s end.

9. Philadelphia (4-3) – The Eagles are still very good and have a big match this week against the Giants.

10. Washington (4-3-1) – The Redskins should be 5-3, but they are looking better than they have.

11. Green Bay (4-3) – Despite the injuries, the Packers played the Falcons tough. Just not sure they will be much better than 9-7 this year.

12. Houston (5-3) – The Texans held off the Lions, but you could make a case they should be number 15 on this list.

13. New York Giants (4-3) – They were off but face the Eagles this week.

14. Pittsburgh (4-3) – They could drop lower if Big Ben is out awhile.

15. Buffalo (4-4) – The Bills weren’t able to win but are still very much alive in the Wild Card race.

16. Tennessee (4-4) – DeMarco Murray has found a home and this offense has played very well.

17. Detroit (4-4) – The Lions took a step backward but has a chance this week against the now-struggling Vikings.

18. Cincinnati (3-4-1) – The Bengals had their chances against Washington, but continue to let games slip through their fingers. Getting Eifert back could be big for the Wild Card race.

19. Arizona (3-4-1) – Losing at Carolina was a gut punch, but the Cardinals are still very much alive for a Wild Card. We’ll see if they can get it together.

20. New Orleans (3-4) – The Saints jump up 6 spots after a big home win against the Seahawks. It’s hard to see consistency in this team, but they are capable.

21. Tampa Bay (3-4) – The Bucs are still trying to find ways to win, but they have the tools.

22. Miami (3-4) – If Jay Ajayi can continue to play well, Miami can win some games.

23. Los Angeles Rams (3-4) – The Rams seem to be forever trapped at .500 with Jeff Fisher.

24. Baltimore (3-4) – We’ll see if a week off helped things.

25. New York Jets (3-5) – Well, Fitzpatrick is back. Not sure it will be any better than it was.

26. San Diego (3-5) – The Chargers don’t have enough in key spots to win a lot of games.

27. Indianapolis (3-5) – The Colts have serious offensive line issues and that will be their undoing all season.

28. Carolina (2-5) – The Panthers got a big win this week. Need to get it going if they’re going to get back in this division race.

29. Chicago (2-6) – Somehow the Bears showed up, but I doubt we will see this very much.

30. Jacksonville (2-6) – Still a major disappointment.

31. San Francisco (1-6) – Incomplete rebuild mode.

32. Cleveland (0-8) – I actually believed they could win this week.

  • Os Davis

    Despite the records, Buffalo, Tennessee and San Diego should all be ranked higher. Tennessee in particular is trending up, unlike the higher-ranked New York Giants, Houston and Green Bay — not to mention that each of these three are half a team each at best; the Titans are playing well more “complete” football right now…