The playoffs are finally here and it’s time to rank the teams that qualified for the postseason.

12. Buffalo (9-7) – The Bills won a three-way tie to get the final Wild Card spot by means of ‘Strength of Victory’ over the Ravens. While it’s amazing they made it, they’re probably the worst team in the tournament and will probably lose at Jacksonville.

11. Tennessee (9-7) – The Titans are much like the Bills, but have a little better chance against the Chiefs.

10. Carolina (11-5) – I don’t care what the records are. The Panthers look largely like an 8-8 team and it’s gonna be time to Pay the Piper in New Orleans.

9. Kansas City (10-6) – The Chiefs are a far cry from the team they were earlier in the year, but probably move on to the second round.

8. Atlanta (10-6) – While this isn’t last year’s team, the Falcons do have what it takes to make a run.

7. Philadelphia (13-3) – Despite their record, without Carson Wentz, it’s very difficult to see them getting to the NFC Championship Game.

6. Jacksonville (10-6) – The Jaguars are limping into the playoffs from a momentum standpoint, but if the offense can limit mistakes, this is a dangerous team.

5. Los Angeles Rams (11-5) – The Rams have a very good team, but can they dethrone the defending NFC champs?

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (13-3) – The Steelers have an amazing offense, especially when Antonio Brown is on the field, but there are some real questions on defense.

3. New Orleans (11-5) – The difference between this year’s Saints team and any other of their past playoff teams besides 2009 is the newfound rushing attack and improved defense. Now that Drew Brees doesn’t have to win by himself, the Saints have a real shot this year.

2. Minnesota (13-3) – The Vikings have as good of a chance as anyone to win the whole thing behind that great defense.

1. New England (13-3) – Until New England loses, it’s just too hard to bet against them. They have everything they need for another Super Bowl run.

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  • Os Davis

    Two comments here:

    — Pretty good rankings in generally, but why bother even listing the Bills and Titans? You could have just had the 49ers i there at no. 11.

    — Panthers at no. 10? Panthers are a .500 team? They had five losses: One to a team that no longer exists (the Wentzylvania Eagles), one that didn’t matter much (the Falcons in week 17) and one fluke (the Bears). The other two losses came against the Saints, and the last team to beat the same opponent three times in a season came in 2009.

    In addition, that 11-5 came against what was statistically, according to Football Outsiders, the toughest schedule of offenses in 2017. History says that home teams typically go 3-1 in the wild-card round … you may have Carolina at no. 10 now, but here’s to thinking they’ll be higher next week.