One of the biggest questions headed into this draft has to be how many Quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round? Maybe even a bigger question should be how many of these quarterbacks are worth a first round pick? Today we are going to look at Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes and breakdown whether or not he is worth a first-round pick?


Size- The biggest thing that will stand out to NFL teams will be that Mahomes has the size of the prototypical NFL QB, standing 6’3 230Lbs Mahomes certainly looks the part of a franchise QB.

Mobility- Throws the ball well on the run and can create plays out of seemingly nothing. In three years at Texas Tech Mahomes ran for 845 yards and 22 touchdowns.

Body Language- Mahomes looks like he owns the Stadium as soon as he steps on the field. Body Language is huge for a QB; his teammates always seem to believe that Mahomes will make good things happen when he is under center.



Texas Tech Spread Offense- The Red Raiders spread offense looks to create mismatches and outnumber defenders, with the quarterback only having to read small portions of the field. In the NFL, you have to be able to see the entire field. The question is can Mahomes learn to run an NFL offense, and trust me this is a significant concern for NFL teams.

Mechanics- This is something that concerns me a lot when watching film of Mahomes. I have compiled a not so small list of things that I think you have to be worried about when picking Mahomes.

A) Hopping before he throws the ball.

B) Doesn’t always step into throws, a lot of times throws all-wrist.

C) Narrow Base

D) Crossing wrong foot when dropping back.

E) Switching Feet and stance before throwing the ball.

F) Throwing off his front foot, with back leg elevated.


  • Hopping Before Throw
  • Switching Feet/Stance before Throw
  • Narrow Base
  • Crossing Wrong Foot While Dropping Back
  • Throwing Off His Front Foot W/Elevated Back Leg
  • Won’t Step Into Certain Throws – Throws With Just Wrist



Mahomes looks the part of an NFL QB, he is strong, tall athletic and has a tremendous arm. Plus he is only 21 years old. Those are all reasons to draft him in the first round. But in my opinion, he plays lackadaisical especially in his three step drops and tends to throe the ball with just arm and no base under him. Now with his age, if he goes to the right system and coach he could have a long and illustrious career. But, with his mechanical difficulties I believe there is no way that he should be worth a first round selection. Mahomes just raises more questions when you are watching him than he answers. He WILL go in the first or second round, but from watching him, he should go somewhere between the 2nd-4th round.