This game is a great Christmas present for NFL fans. If the Steelers win they clinch the AFC North title, for the Ravens they need to beat the Steelers and then win in week 17 at Cincinnati to clinch a division title.

Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers have been hot since beginning the season 4-5, they have had a huge boost fro an improved offensive line and Le’Veon Bell who is one of the top 3 running backs in the NFL. They still have question marks on defense; the secondary is questionable, and the defensive line has been depleted by injuries.

Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens have been inconsistent for most of the year. The Ravens are led by one of the top defenses in the NFL, offensively has been where they have struggled at times. They do have QB Joe Flacco under center, though, and he has always played his best in the big games.

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Key Matchups

Ravens WR Mike Wallace vs. Steelers CB Artie Burns- Burns made his first NFL start against the Ravens last month and recorded his first interception in the first quarter. He also was victimized by Wallace a short time later when Wallace caught a short slant and raced 95 yards for the game’s first touchdown. Wallace is Flacco’s big-play threat, and Burns has to do a better job in the rematch of limiting his yards after the catch, if he doesn’t it could be a long day for the Steelers defense.

Steelers defensive line aginst the Ravens offensive line- The Steelers have been beaten up on the defensive line the past few weeks and have a couple of defensive linemen listed as questionable. The Ravens offensive line has been improved this season, and it is imperative that the Steelers get pressure on Flacco.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger vs. Ravens S Eric Weddle- Look for the veteran Weddle to creep up into the box to try to limit Bell’s effectiveness, Big Ben must recognize this and take advantage of this.



No doubt here that the Steelers have more talent on the field, but the Ravens are a tough well-coached team that will be in this game too the very end. The Steelers will just have too many weapons. Steelers 27  Ravens 24.