There are a lot of great quarterbacks in NFL history, plenty, but what would be the dream QB? If you could combine all of them what would that look like?  Let’s look.

Pre-Snap Reading Ability  Tom Brady

I think this was a pretty easy one to decide. Tom Brady has probably the best football IQ as a player of all time. The adjustments he makes at the line and what he picks up is uncanny, like I have stated before. It is almost like he knows exactly what is going to happen before the play. Peyton Manning was another candidate for this, but I feel like Brady has had more things thrown at him, especially since he has played in bigger games.

Pocket Presence – Drew Brees

This might be an unexpected one for average consumers, but Drew is undeniably the greatest I have seen move around in the pocket. His small frame and size give him the ability to maneuver away from defenders, evade blitzes and lineman getting pushed back. He truly is magnificent in the pocket. The way he gets around and extends plays is spectacular. Tony Romo was another one I thought about putting here, but Brees takes the cake.

Arm Strength – Aaron Rodgers

This is clear cut. If we are talking about arm strength from all aspects, Rodgers takes the cake. His ability to chuck it down the field with accuracy off of two feet, one foot, etc.,  is insane. He could probably throw 50 yards jumping. It’s honestly unreal. This was probably the easiest one to pick here.

Accuracy – Tom Brady

Another one that is undeniable. This is the second time Brady checks in on this list but is once again deserving. How he sends balls into minimal sized windows and between numerous defenders is incredible. Short range, medium range, and deep throws are all done with supreme accuracy by Brady. He hits the man whether he is open or covered.

Build    Cam Newton

Probably a surprising one to enter this is Cam Newton, but let me explain why. Newton is 6-5 and something around 250 pounds. That frame gives us the ability to take hits; constant hits like he does. It’s a perfect package for the arm strength he will be getting because we elected Rodgers for that, and now he has the weight. On top of all that, Newton’s build gives us the ability to run constantly and not have to worry about getting drilled.

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