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This game is big for both teams, both are strong on defense but have offensive problems. The Broncos offensive line has been terrible, and the Chiefs look like they will be missing LB Justin Houston. The Chiefs can clinch the playoffs with a win and a Ravens loss or tie.

Denver Broncos- The Broncos have been playing poorly for the last month, on defense they get after the QB and are as good as any defense in the league. Disturbing news about dissension in the locker room after last week’s loss, the big question will be can this team bounce back? Trevor Siemen has not been that bad, and really when the QB has no time to throw the ball and has no running game, there is not much he can do.

Kansas City Chiefs- Maybe Andy Reid’s best coaching job, especially when you consider all the injuries this team has had. The Chiefs look like they will play this game without star Justin Houston. The question is can Alex Smith raise the level of his game?

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Keys to the Game

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce vs. Broncos coverage. The Broncos eliminated Kelce for the first three-quarters, the fourth quarter was entirely different as Kelce caught eight balls for 101 yards.  Fill-in linebacker Corey Nelson could find himself in one-on-one coverage against Kelce; Nelson is sturdy in coverage and has the potential to hold his own in that duel.

Broncos offensive line against Chiefs Defensive line- This matchup has disaster written all over it for the Broncos.



This will be a high-intensity game that will be decided as most games are by blocking and tackling. In the tackling department, the Broncos probably have a slight edge, the problem for the Broncos comes in the blocking department. I think the difference in the game will be the ability of the Chiefs to get to the QB. Chiefs 24  Broncos 16