Dolphins’ “Glue Guy” Michael Thomas


Glue Guy! If you’re a fan of Miami sports, I’m sure you’re already familiar with this term. If not, than let me briefly explain. A “Glue Guy” is often the forgotten weapon we refer to as chemistry. At times a glue guy is disguised as a game changer in the most underrated way. He is the one that most General Managers fail to pursue when building a championship team. Shane Battier so eloquently stated that this guy “Must possess a certain Je ne sais quoi”.

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It’s in my opinion that Michael Thomas is developing into this role. I know that I’m not in the locker rooms to verify this bold statement, but from a community and an on-the-field perspective, he is that dude. The young DB jumped onto the scene and became a household name for Dolphin fans with a big-time interception against Tom Brady. From that point on he continued to be a force on special teams and was always ready to step in when needed. This level of preparation proved to be extremely valuable when Thomas was tasked with filling a major void left by Rashad Jones’s season ending injury.

In the community, Thomas is a politician that lets his actions do all the talking. I had the pleasure to watch “First Step”, a video series featuring athletes engaging with communities. This episode shed some light on Michael Thomas dedicating his time towards becoming the bridge between the youth and law enforcement of the Ft. Myers area. The goal was to strengthen the communication between the two groups. This was done in hopes to ultimately build a trust that most individuals never get to experience with the people that’s tasked to protect them.

With Contract talks looming, the 2017 season is going to be big for Thomas as he looks to take the next step in his career. As a fan first, It’s in my hopes that he brings certainty to a position that lacks it the most for the Dolphins.  I also hope that he can relish the role of bringing the majority of 53 guys together on and off the field for a championship run the way Shane Battier did for the Heat. Lastly, I hope the front office can discover the value in having a Glue Guy like Thomas on the team.