Matthew Stafford – DET vs CLE – $6800

Cleveland is gonna give up points, they’re averaging 24 against a game. The Lions are going to score those points. Cleveland defends the run well (4th), Detroit doesn’t run well (30th YPC). These are facts. These facts all lean toward Stafford leading the team up and down the field and into the end zone. He is an elite option at QB this week. Marvin Jones, Golden Tate and Theo Riddick could all benefit from this.

Eli Manning – NYG @ SF – $5100

Cheap and an amazing matchup. The Niners have bleed points to opposing teams, ranking 24th against QBs. The only reason they haven’t given up more points to QBs is because teams have run all over them. The Giants are 20th in YPC, so there’s a solid chance of Eli throwing a lot. Shephard and Engram are stack candidates. Manning doesn’t have a lot of good options to throw to, but his floor and ceiling make his cost well worth while.


LeSean McCoy – BUF vs NO – $8300

The Saints are 19th this year at rushing yards allowed per game. In recent weeks they’ve given up over 20 points to the Packers and Bears backfields. A poor showing last week (2.5 points) has lowered McCoy’s cost. The Bills will attempt to get Shady the ball a lot, giving him a high floor and ridiculous ceiling. He’s a worthwhile RB1 this week.

Jordan Howard – CHI vs GB – $6100

The Bears should have a strong chance to win this game vs a Brett Hundley lead Packers team. If the Bears go up, Jordan Howard could finish as the top scoring RB this week. The Packers are 29th against RBs this year. In line for 20-30 touches this week, Howard is another high floor high ceiling candidate. The only things that work against Howard is that the other team can stack the box against the poor passing Bears offense, and that he doesn’t get many catches.


Golden Tate – DET vs CLE – $6800

For the same reasons as Stafford, Tate is in line for a good week vs the Browns. Being the slot receiver on a team that won’t run the ball well should pay off as they attempt to safely move the ball down the field. I expect a line of about 8 catches for 100 yards and a possible TD.

Sterling Shephard – NYG @ SF – $5500

Shephard is one of essentially 2 NFL caliber receiving options on the Giants, Engram being the other. For the price, you essentially buy 10 targets. What he does with 10 targets against the poor Niners defense is up for discussion. For the price range he’s in 10 targets supplies a reasonable floor and ceiling.


Delanie Walker – TEN vs CIN – $5000

The Bengals defense typically shuts down opposing wideouts, while giving up short yardage catches in bunches to RBs and TEs. Walker tends to see 5-7 targets a game, which puts him in line for a solid week against a defense that struggles at his position. There aren’t many good options in the Sunday 1 & 4pm timeslots making Walker one of the best options available.

Cameron Brate – TB vs NYJ – $4100

With Jameis Winston out, Brate will be catching passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitz is definitely inconsistent, but without Mike Evans in the lineup Brate will be the 2nd best receiving option on the Bucs. Again, buying targets with his salary and seeing how they turn out. There’s definitely worse options.


Steelers – PIT @ IND – $3700

Indy’s O-line has more questions than success at this midpoint in the season. While Brissett has been reasonable, he’s been under pressure constantly. Pressure turns into sacks and turnovers. The Steelers are a solid start this week.

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