From being a projected first round pick to now a possible day three to a undrafted guy, Brad Kaaya has surged down many people’s boards. Let’s take a look at some of his film to see what he does right and wrong.

Near The Sidelines

Despite the first clip being an interception, Brad Kaaya’s only positive aspect of his throwing game is probably the rate on which he completes sideline throws. In the games I saw and analyzed, more often than not he put the ball on sideline routes where only his receiver could get it. The above clip shows Kaaya trying to do a little too much to open the game. The wide receiver gets a good break out of his route, but he and Kaaya seem to be on a different page. Brad anticipates a short route, the wideout runs a deeper one. Easy jump and read for the defensive back.

This next clip is one of the times Kaaya hits the route with good confidence and skill. Freshman Ahmon Richards runs a precise route, creates great space, and it is a rather simple throw, but Kaaya hits it with ease, something he doesn’t do often.

Another fantastic sideline throw. It appears to be an out-route and Kaaya puts it only where Dayall Harris can get it. Another thing to note is that Kaaya does suffer from a lot of drops, so there are also many instances where makes a quality throw, but the ball is dropped. This, however, was a good throw and catch from both parties.

Now let’s look at the clip below. Kaaya puts just enough spin on the ball and puts it in the bread basket of Stacy Coley. Really quick, though, can we take a look at the move? Whew. I have no idea what Kaaya’s baseball history is, but he definitely has good spin or curve on out-routes. Like stated before, this is the only pass he is consistently accurate at.

His Touch Is Actually Nonexistent 

I actually have not seen another “draft prospect” QB with less touch than Kaaya. CLICK HERE for the rest of the article…