Lambeau Field Paint Job to be Taken Care of By Green Bay Packers



The Lambeau Field will be given a full paint job in the end zones and in the midfield by the Green Bay Packers grounds crew during the start of the regular season. This comes when most College Football predictions against the spread.


The Green Bay Packers will play its first preseason game on Friday night against Cleveland Browns. For Packers, this means that the number of pre-season games have reduced to four after their scheduled game against Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night was cancelled due to player safety concerns. The match was cancelled as the field had been painted in a shoddy manner and playing on it could pose injury risk to the players.


Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers quarterback who was not among the players who were to play, had provided insight that the end zones of the newly laid Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium were firm. In a statement, he said that due to its plastic inconsistency, you could tell that there was something wrong.


Aaron, who is a two time MVP had a satirical take on the workers’ futile attempts to repair the field by workers. He applauded them for making the right decision as they tried to rectify the field as they tried getting the paint off using a substance that was not health conscious at all. He added that it was disappointing as there were so many fans that had arrived to watch a game that they had paid for only to learn that it has been cancelled.


Attorney Michael Avenatti is planning to file a class-action lawsuit against the Hall of Fame and NFL despite the fact that they had refunded fans their ticket money in full. Aaron continued to say that although it was unfortunate that they painted the way they did, they were disappointed not to kick off the NFL season there as they were supposed to.


Cornerback Sam said that when he first heard that the game was cancelled, he thought that they were fooling around. However, when they learnt that they were serious, he and the other players empathized with the fans for missing what was to be a nationally televised game.


Sam said that he did not know who they were going to blame for the mess, but since they were looking out for their safety, they respected their decision.


In a statement, McCarthy, the head coach said that was a lost opportunity for the team’s younger players such as Marquise Williams and Joe Callahan and they were not going to get it back. Aaron, who practiced on Tuesday night after an extended layoff; is open to play against the Browns on Friday but the Coach is yet to make that decision.


Coach McCarthy said that it is important to balance what is best for Aaron and what is best for the offense. The five days he had been off were by design and the coach felt good that Aaron feels good. The Coach added that although they are charting his reps, especially his throwing, he was more worried about Brett Hundley and the other two young guys who should get more opportunity in preseason games.