As the country begins it’s obsession with the offseason, and more directly the NFL draft, there are still some questions abound as to whether or not certain prospects are indeed a first-round talent. Mitch Trubisky‘s silence on whether or not he intends to declare for the 2017 draft are only adding to the intrigue that surrounds his future at the next level.

When evaluating quarterbacks there are so many factors to weigh in on. With Dak Prescott last year, his overall talent was questioned simply because of his style of play and questions that surrounded how it would transition to the NFL game. He proved us all wrong in that he improved nearly every aspect of his game each year in school, and his leadership and immense amount of experience that he brought with him.

Other guys such as Carson Wentz didn’t bring a ton of experience with him, but had the prototypical build and pocket-style approach to his game that nearly every scout covets when looking at a signal-caller for their respective team. In other words, there is a template for transitioning to the league at the position, but there are no sure things by any stretch of the imagination. Bottom line; talent, intelligence in decision making and accuracy will take you a long way at the next level while college system plays a part, but isn’t the end-all-be-all in the process.

Trubisky has all of these factors playing a role in his evaluation. Some are going to benefit him should he decide to come out, while a couple others will work against him. He has the system, quality opposition, the accuracy (67.5%) and certainly meets the threshold of athleticism, however, he’s only started one full season and that will be met with uncertainty. Additionally, he has the ‘class curve’ which should logically help in where he is projected to be taken with a strange group of passers entering this year’s draft.

If we’re looking at a specific round grade approach, I don’t know if Trubisky is that type of quarterback this year. However, when considering who he could be up against, he very well could be the first guy off the board at the position. Let’s take a look at…CLICK HERE for the rest of the article…