Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis reacts after arguing a call in the fourth quarter against the Atlanta Falcons in an NFL football game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

1). Marvin Lewis, Bengals

This one is a no-brainer! Will it happen probably not, the Bengals are owned by Mike Brown. Brown just wants to be competitive and is more worried about the bottom line than winning. The team always looks unprepared, they never have two timeouts left in the last two minutes of the half. They do not make halftime adjustments. To show the problem with preparing his team the Bengals are 4-8-1 following a bye week, the average NFL Team wins more than 50% of the time after a bye week. Throw on top of that the fact that the Bengals are one of the most penalized teams in the NFL and you have every reason to fire Lewis. All yeah and he has never won a playoff game.

WILL HE BE FIRED? No, should he be, Yes!


2). Gus Bradley, Jaguars

Winning only 14 games in almost 5 years should be reason enough to get fired, shouldn’t it? Bradley has a young talented team that consistently underperforms. For some reason, he seems to have job security in Jacksonville.

WILL HE BE FIRED? YES! Should he be fired? YES!


3). Jeff Fisher, Rams

If it was not for the Music city miracle he would have been relegated to an assistant coaching job years ago. His record with the Rams 31-41-1, no playoff appearances, this year the Rams are a surprising 4-5, with little to no offense.

WILL HE BE FIRED? No, should he be Fired? YES!


4). Mike McCoy, Chargers

The Chargers do the exact same thing every week: start off hot, look good in the first half, drift a bit in the third quarter, then completely collapse in the fourth. It’s like clockwork and it’s infuriating. Teams take on the attitude and personality of their head coaches, and the Chargers blasé attitude and lack of urgency when finishing games perfectly reflect the man in charge.

WILL HE BE FIRED? YES! Should he be fired? YES!


5). Mike McCarthy, Packers

The receivers’ route trees are limited and rarely get them the ball on the move. Instead, McCarthy opts for hook routes and plays that keep receivers stationary. Not to mention, running back James Starks received nearly double the snaps Ty Montgomery got on Sunday when the Packers were playing catch-up the entire game. That’s terrible given the impact Montgomery had in previous weeks. McCarthy has always been overrated in my opinion. His play calling is bad and his adjustments most times are non-existent.

WILL HE BE FIRED? YES! Should he be fired? YES!


6). John Fox, Bears

Fox is known for quickly turning around bad teams, that has not been the case in Chicago. I think Fox was surprised about just how bad this team was and did not realize the extent of the turnaround needed. At 61 I think it is possible he steps down on his own at the end of the season.

WILL HE BE FIRED? YES! Should he be fired? YES!


7). Chip Kelly, 49ers

He failed in Philadelphia with talent, now he is failing with the 49ers, who have very little talent. I think the inept 49ers front office will keep him for at least another year. Don’t be surprised if Kelly takes a college job at the end of the season.

WILL HE BE FIRED? NO! Should he be fired? YES!