The NFL never seems to be worried about doing the right thing and today once again they dropped the ball. Due to Hurricane Irma, they have moved the Buccaneers at Dolphins game from this Sunday in Miami to Week 11, when both teams have byes. On the surface it seems like a reasonable thing to do. But if you dig a little deeper, you will see why I think this is another missed opportunity for the NFL. Let’s look at some things the NFL could do to make the most of this situation.

Play at a neutral site

The NFL will have 16 empty Stadiums this week that this game could be played at and by playing at a neutral site both the Dolphins and Bucs would retain their bye week during the season. You might argue that a neutral game site would hurt ticket sales. Normally I would agree, but what if the NFL decided to sell these game tickets at $20 dollars a piece and donate all of the money to the Hurricane relief effort in Miami? That would be a great gesture for a league that has had nothing but bad publicity for some time now. Plus it would help out the Hurricane victims in South Florida. You might say wait, the Dolphins would then have one less home game for season ticket owners! I will get to that.

Cancel the London Game

Cancel the London game and give it back to Miami as a home game the way it should be in the first place. Seems simple enough, but we all know the NFL will not take the game away from London, but they should.

Player Safety

The NFL likes to act like they care about player safety, but we all know it’s not true. If they were concerned about player safety, they wouldn’t even consider playing this game in Week 11. Just look at Miami’s schedule for the rest of the year. The Dolphins play three games on short weeks (Oct. 26 at Buffalo, Nov. 19 vs. Tampa and Dec. 17 at Buffalo) and one game in London (Oct. 1 vs. Saints). So much for player safety! Plus Miami and Tampa will both have to play 16 straight games! I know before 1990 everybody did it, but the bye weeks were put in, presumably, for player safety.


The NFL will do what makes the NFL the most money and rest assured, they are not concerned about player safety. If they were, the games on a short week and the London games would not be played. They don’t care about the fans because if they did, they would not ship teams home games overseas at the expense of season ticket holders. At the end of the day, the NFL is a big corporation that cares only about the bottom line and doing what is best for their corrupt owners and commissioner.
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  • Anang

    It’s called logistics bud. Got any idea how much manpower and planning is required to put on an NFL game? You’d have vendors suddenly needing to provide food and drink for thousands of fans, enough police to work security, the hundreds of NFL employees stadium staff and broadcast guys to coordinate, etc. etc. etc. Also, who’s to say those other 16 venues don’t already have other non-football events taking place on gameday. And what about the people who paid for their tickets already? Would they get refunds while team takes a big financial hit? Would fans of one of those other teams really be interested in going to see this game? And would an NFL team really want to play in a stadium that on all likelihood would be 50% empty? Just doesn’t make sense to try and force it in

  • Bert Noble

    Rescheduling the game is the best option, before the NFL initiated the “Bye week” each team played 16 straight games and the only reason they implemented it was to generate an additional week of revenue. Moving the London game back to Miami would be a disaster for many fans who have already purchased flights, tickets, and accommodations in London, so unless the NFL is prepared to reimburse those fans for their lost money than the game should proceed as normal. Ignorant fans and news media are blowing this out of proportion, its only a game so whenever they do play it will work out fine for all parties. The Miami Hurricanes simply cancelled their game with Arkansas State and aren’t rescheduling it. What would you all people think about if the Dolphins simply cancelled their game and awarded it as a tie to both teams?