1). Dallas Cowboys- Solid win over a tough Ravens team.

2). Seattle Seahawks- Seem to be hitting their stride at the right time.

3). New England Patriots- Had trouble for a little over a half, then as expected pulled away.

4). Oakland Raiders- Played well once again, and Jack Del Rio showed on the fourth and one at the end of the game that he is not afraid to play to win.

5). Denver Broncos- The only thing holding them back right now is the QB.

6). New York Giants- No running game, poor offensive line, but they just keep winning.

7). Washington Redskins- Very good offensive team and an improving defense.

8). Atlanta Falcons- BYE

9). Detroit Lions- Got the win, it wasn’t impressive, but a win nonetheless.

10). Kansas City Chiefs- Their limited offense finally caught up with them.

11). Minnesota Vikings- I still think this is the team to beat in the NFC North.

12). Houston Texans- Lost, but showed that maybe they are a better team than people think?

13). Miami Dolphins- They got the win, but they still have a huge question mark at QB.

14). Philadelphia Eagles– Lost a tough game in Seattle. This is still a good team and will be a tough game for any team.

15). Baltimore Ravens- I think this team is better than people realize. Well coached and tough on defense.

16). Pittsburgh Steelers- They beat Cleveland, who doesn’t? I still believe this team will win the AFC North.

17). Indianapolis Colts- Big game against the Steelers next, a win and then you can say they are on a roll.

18).Buffalo Bills- Injuries are killing this team, but they got a big win on the road.

19). Tampa Bay Buccaneers- A big road win, this team could become a contender if they could become consistent.

20). Tennesse Titans- Very similar to the Bucs, they are close to being a very good team.

21). New Orleans Saints- They have lost too many close games.

22). Arizona Cardinals- Can’t lose too much more if they want to have a shot at the playoffs.

23). San Diego Chargers- BYE

24). Carolina Panthers- Big win over the Saints, but they have a long way to go to get back into contention.

25). Green Bay Packers- The problem lately has been everything but Aaron Rodgers.

26). Los Angeles Rams- They should have beaten the Dolphins, but they didn’t. It will be all downhill from here.

27). Cincinnati Bengals- Everybody is hurt, and they sucked before everybody was hurt.

28). New York Jets- BYE

29). Chicago Bears- They lost, but on the bright side they had the lead for awhile.

30). Jacksonville Jaguars- Let another one get away.

31). San Fransisco 49ers- Lost again, but did play better.

32). Cleveland Browns- Still no wins.