1). Dallas Cowboys- Another good win against a good team. Should go deep into the playoffs.

2). New England Patriots- The game never felt out of Brady’s control.

3). Oakland Raiders- Winners of a fantastic game. The Raiders are going to be a problem in the playoffs.

4). Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs hung in there and won a huge overtime game against the champs.

5). New York Giants- They keep finding ways to win with limited talent.

6). Seattle Seahawks- An ugly overall effort against the Bucs drops them a bit.

7). Atlanta Falcons- Good win over the Cardinals. They’re in line to get a first round bye.

8). Denver Broncos- Good effort, but that 62-yard field goal attempt was probably the difference.

9). Detroit Lions- They have trailed in the fourth quarter in all seven of their wins. Stafford is beginning to believe.

10). Washington Redskins- The Redskins may have lost, but they are a good team.

11). Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens will have a substantial opportunity to win the AFC North, but will have to contend with the Steelers.

12). Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers’ offense is going to be a force again in the playoffs if they can stay healthy.

13). Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Massive win over Seattle and now they are in the thick of the playoff conversation.

14). Miami Dolphins- The Dolphins held on to beat the 49ers and have a shot at the postseason.

15). Minnesota Vikings- Big setback against the Lions. Now they play the Cowboys.

16). Houston Texans- Not sold at all on them. Now they travel to Lambeau.

17). Tennesse Titans- The Titans have a real shot at the AFC South title.

18).Buffalo Bills- The Bills are better than advertised, but now their season hangs in the balance with a road trip to Oakland.

19). Indianapolis Colts- This Colts team should not sniff the playoffs, but they play in the AFC South.

20). New Orleans Saints- The Saints are still in the playoff race, and the offense is red hot.

21). Green Bay Packers- Everything went their way as they won in Philadelphia to save their season.

22). Philadelphia Eagles– Ugly game against the Packers and it appears they won’t be able to make the playoffs despite their good start.

23). San Diego Chargers- The Chargers could have been a playoff team, but blew too many games.

24). Carolina Panthers- Sunday against Oakland was a valiant effort by the Panthers, but this just isn’t last year’s team.

25). Arizona Cardinals- The Cardinals have likely ended their season. Just a few special teams away from contention.

26). Los Angeles Rams- The Rams aren’t anything special, and it’s amazing they have four wins.

27). Cincinnati Bengals- Another case of not being able to follow a good 2015 season.

28). New York Jets- The Jets can’t win big games, and unfortunately for them, they’ve played some them this year.

29). Chicago Bears- They could have won. Guess that’s better than nothing.

30). Jacksonville Jaguars- Let another one get away.

31). San Fransisco 49ers- Lost again, but did play better.

32). Cleveland Browns- Still no wins.