Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) drops back against the Denver Broncos during the second quarter on Sunday, November 27, 2016. The Denver Broncos hosted the Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo by Joe Amon/The Denver Post)
  1. New England (11-2) – The Patriots reclaim the top seat with a tough win against the Ravens. Brady still playing like Brady.
  2. Kansas City (10-3) – Not a typo. Kansas City has gone 21-4 in their last 25 regular season games, and they look excellent. They could end up in the AFC Championship Game.
  3. Dallas (11-2) – Big D hasn’t found a way to beat the Giants, and they will have a hard time with Tampa.
  4. Oakland (10-3) – The Raiders are still very good and are a threat in the AFC.
  5. Seattle (8-4-1) – Yes they played bad Sunday. Still, think they’re better than 6 through 32.
  6. Detroit (9-4) – The Lions just find ways to win. Getting DeAndre Levy back will make the defense even better.
  7. New York Giants (9-4) – Huge win in Dallas and now they have a big game against the Lions. They could be ready to get Eli into the playoffs for another run.
  8. Tampa Bay (8-5) – The Bucs are quietly red hot and could threaten to send Dallas on a small slide. Their defense is playing very well, and Jameis Winston can win games.
  9. Atlanta (8-5) – Matt Ryan is keeping this team in playoff form.
  10. Pittsburgh (8-5) – This offense is going to be very hard to stop in the playoffs. With the weapons they have, don’t be surprised if they make a deep run.
  11. Washington (7-5-1) – The Redskins have as good of an offense as any in the NFC. With the schedule they have, they should be able to secure a Wild Card.
  12. Tennessee (7-6) – Their record isn’t quite as good as a few teams, but this is a dangerous team. If they win the South, they could be a surprise team in the postseason.
  13. Minnesota (7-6) – The Vikings are keeping their postseason hopes alive, but will need to beat the Colts and Packers in their next two games.
  14. Green Bay (7-6) – The Packers are suddenly back in contention for the NFC North. They will need to win out to make it and it’s possible.
  15. Baltimore (7-6) – The Ravens may have lost to New England, but they are still a threat to win the AFC North or secure a Wild Card.
  16. Miami (8-5) – The Grueling Truth is not a huge believer in Miami, but they will have a chance to make it to the postseason.
  17. Denver (8-5) – The Broncos have a good record for now, but they could lose out.
  18. Indianapolis (6-7) – The Colts are better than their record and have a better shot to win the AFC South than does Houston.
  19. Houston (7-6) – Their record is far better than the team is.
  20. Buffalo (6-7) – The Bills should be better than what they are. Again.
  21. Cincinnati (5-7-1) – Shockingly, a division title is still possible, though very unlikely.
  22. New Orleans (5-8) – The Saints don’t seem to be able to win a big game anymore. Onto next year!
  23. Carolina (5-8) – The Panthers won a game, but this is still clearly not last year’s team in any way. Cam is also no longer the MVP.
  24. San Diego (5-8) – Another team that underachieved. Phillip Rivers will again go unappreciated.
  25. Arizona (5-7-1) – Think they should be a playoff team, but their special teams have lost several games this year.
  26. Philadelphia (5-8) – The Eagles showed some promise for next year.
  27. New York Jets (4-9) – They may have won, but this team will be in rebuild mode next year.
  28. Los Angeles Rams (4-9) – Jeff Fisher is out, and now the Rams can continue the rebuilding process.
  29. Chicago (3-10) – They gave the Lions trouble and could do the same against Green Bay.
  30. Jacksonville (2-11) – The Jaguars continue to disappoint.
  31. San Francisco (1-12) – The Browns need to win to put the 49ers where they probably should be this year- at the bottom.
  32. Cleveland Browns (0-13)- Looks like the only thing they will win this season is the first pick ib the 2017 NFL draft.