Dec 18, 2016; Arlington, TX, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston (3) is sacked in the fourth quarter by Dallas Cowboys defensive end Benson Mayowa (93) and David Irving (95) at AT&T Stadium. Dallas beat Tampa 26-20. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
    1. New England (12-2) – They didn’t have to be great, they just did their job. The Pats are going to be tough to beat, even without Gronk.
    2. Dallas (12-2) – The Cowboys were able to rebound against a superb Tampa team. They can clinch home field advantage and the division title with a win over the Lions on Monday Night Football.
    3. Oakland (11-3) – Oakland is still going be a tough out in the postseason.
    4. Seattle (9-4-1) – Despite their performance at times, the NFC is likely going to be between the Cowboys and Seahawks.
    5. New York Giants (10-4) – This might seem high, but the Giants are surging. They will be a significant threat if they get out of the Wild Card round.
    6. Kansas City (10-4) – The Chiefs lost a heart-breaker to Tennessee, but are among the three best in the AFC.
    7. Atlanta (9-5) – It will be interesting to see how they fare in the playoffs, but this is a good team.
    8. Pittsburgh (9-5) – The defense is suspect, but with all the talent and experience on the offense, they could still make a major run.
    9. Tennessee (8-6) – I know it seems crazy, but this is a top 10 team. Who wants to face them? The offense is playing like a veteran playoff team.
    10. Detroit (9-5) – The Lions season likely just boils down to the Week 17 matchup against the Packers for the division.
    11. Green Bay (8-6) – Though they struggled with a bad team, the Packers control their destiny. They need to beat the Vikings, but most likely, the only game that will matter is the Lions game.
    12. Baltimore (8-6) – Even at just 8-6, the Ravens still have a chance at the postseason and the rest of the AFC would like them just to watch at home.
    13. Tampa Bay (8-6) – Tampa just needs to win one of their next two, and they should make the playoffs. They have made some good strides this year.
    14. Miami (9-5) – Yes, they’re 9-5, but it’s still hard to see this team as a threat. Let’s see how they do in the postseason.
    15. Washington (7-6-1) – They took a step backward, but if they win out, they are likely in the postseason.
    16. Denver (8-6) – It’s still very possible the defending champs lose out.
    17. Indianapolis (7-7) – The Colts are still alive for the division. Huge win in Minnesota.
    18. Houston (8-6) – Still not a believer and now they have a different quarterback. Let’s see how they do in their last two games.
    19. Minnesota (7-7) – The Vikings need to win out and hope Detroit beats Green Bay and Tampa loses out, then they’re in. I know, sounds simple.
    20. New Orleans (6-8) – The Saints are almost eliminated, but they are better than their record.
    21. Carolina (6-8) – They’re playing the role of the spoiler. They should be better next year.
    22. Buffalo (7-7) – The Bills had their chances but found a way to not make the playoffs.
    23. Cincinnati (5-8-1) – They’re out and have to see this season as a disappointment. Marvin has to go.
    24. San Diego (5-9) – The Chargers need to get healthy and see if they have another run in them next season.
    25. Arizona (5-8-1) – I don’t think there are a worse special teams than the Cardinals this year.
    26. Philadelphia (5-9) – The Eagles can build on this season.
    27. Chicago (3-11) – They gave the Lions and Packers serious scares these last two weeks.
    28. New York Jets (4-10) – The Jets have some interesting decisions to make for next year.
    29. Los Angeles Rams (4-10) – Rams are in full rebuild mode.
    30. Jacksonville (2-12) – The Jaguars continue to disappoint.
    31. San Francisco (1-13) – More of the same.
    32. Cleveland (0-14)- Might be a top 5 team on the worst teams of all-time.

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