1. New England (13-2) – The Patriots are just a machine and the favorites to win it all.
  2. Dallas (13-2) – Dallas didn’t buy into the sit-your-players-strategy and they look ready for the postseason.
  3. Kansas City (11-4) – With Derek Carr sidelined, the Chiefs should win the division and contend for the AFC Championship.
  4. Atlanta (10-5) – At this point, they are next best team in the NFC and could secure a bye. They’re getting healthy and will be dangerous.
  5. Pittsburgh (10-5) – Still not sure about the defense, but the Steelers will have a golden opportunity to contend for another championship. This offense is deadly.
  6. Oakland (12-3) – At 12-3, they have to be ranked high, but without Carr, it’s hard to imagine the Raiders going far.
  7. Seattle (9-5-1) – Yep, they lost, but they’ll have a home playoff game and until they’re out, it’s hard to pick against them.
  8. New York Giants (10-5) – The Eagles were able to win, but don’t count out Eli Manning in the postseason.
  9. Detroit (9-6) – What unfortunate luck to have to play 2 very difficult road matchups when they needed to close out the division. They’ll get their chance to prove themselves next week at home.
  10. Green Bay (9-6) – Green Bay is everyone’s darling right now. They’ve played well, but this team still has too many holes. We’ll see what happens at Ford Field.
  11. Miami (10-5) – They’ve won when they’ve had to, but hard to see them winning a playoff game.
  12. Washington (8-6-1) – The Redskins looked a little more like themselves and can clinch a playoff spot with a win on Sunday.
  13. Houston (9-6) – The Texans barely beat a hapless Bengals team. One and done.
  14. Tampa Bay (8-7) – Losing to the Saints basically ended Tampa’s season. They need so much help to get into the postseason that it’s like 60,000 to 1 odds and that is not a made up stat.
  15. Baltimore (8-7) – The Steelers ended their playoff hopes as the Ravens continued to lose on the road.
  16. Denver (8-7) – No postseason this year. Too many injuries derailed any chance at a repeat.
  17. Tennessee (8-7) – Awful week for the Titans as they lose to the Jaguars and see their quarterback go down. They could have been a darkhorse.
  18. New Orleans (7-8) – This team could win the NFC as crazy as that seems. But, we’ll never know.
  19. Indianapolis (7-8) – The Colts, again, need to fix the offensive line and defense.
  20. Minnesota (7-8) – Awful ending to a promising season.
  21. Carolina (6-9) – No dabbing this year.
  22. Buffalo (7-8) – The Bills are on the verge of the playoffs. It’s gotta be next year.
  23. Arizona (6-8-1) – That’s the team many thought we’d see this year. Too little too late as this might be the end of the line for Carson Palmer.
  24. Cincinnati (5-9-1) – If Marvin Lewis is coaching the Bengals next year, then he’ll be there until he dies.
  25. San Diego (5-10) – Another disappointing season and what’s worse is Rivers doesn’t have many years left.
  26. Philadelphia (6-9) – Philadelphia will be a team to watch next year.
  27. Chicago (3-12) – Time to clean house.
  28. New York Jets (4-11) – The Jets are bad. Real bad.
  29. Los Angeles Rams (4-11) – Not good to be the only team the 49ers have beaten.
  30. Jacksonville (3-12) – Though a disappointing season, they sure ruined a division rival’s postseason hopes.
  31. San Francisco (2-13) – They picked the worst time to win as they could have secured the top spot in the draft.

    32. Cleveland (1-14) – They finally got a win.
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