1).New England Patriots- The Patriots seem to win no matter who plays QB. The Dolphins made a valiant comeback in the second half, but came up short.

2).Pittsburgh Steelers- Steelers offense was slowed down by the Bengals in a game that was really a defensive struggle.

3).Denver Broncos- The defending champions throttled the Colts with defense, but the real question for the Broncos is can they generate enough offense to repeat?

4).Minnesota Vikings- They lose Bridgewater and Peterson and are still 2-0. This is a very deep team that will continue to win games.

5).Houston Texans- The Texans offense is explosive and the defense has to be at worst top 10 in the league.

6).New York Giants- The defense shows great improvement over last year and the offense is explosive. The Giants have to be the early favorite to win the east.

7).Cincinnati bengals- Defensively the Bengals are as good as anybody and offensively it should be only a matter of time. The concern offensively has to be the play of the offensive line.

8).Arizona Cardinals- Dominating win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should eliminate concerns that were raised in week one loss to the Patriots.

9).Baltimore Ravens- Beating the Bills and Browns isn’t necessarily a huge achievement , but the defense looks good and if the offense can steadily improve, they can compete for a wild card.

10).Carolina Panthers- Good win over an improved 49ers team this weekend.

11).Philadelphia Eagles- Carson Wentz has been better than advertised. Question is what happens when they play one of the better teams.

12).New York Jets- The Jets are a complete team even though Revis is not what he used to be. One of the best defensive lines in football.

13).Green Bay Packers- Early results seem to say that last year wasn’t necessarily because Jordy Nelson got hurt, it may have just been a case of terrible offensive line play. Still hard to understand why the Packers let their best offensive lineman go right before the season. If line play doesn’t get better fast, this team could be in some trouble.

14).Seattle Seahawks- Seattle still has a great defense, but on offense, they may have the worst offensive line in the NFL.

15).Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Don’t let the blowout loss in Arizona fool you, this team is much improved.

16).Atlanta Falcons- Huge win in Oakland, now can they be consistent?

17).Oakland Raiders- Tough home loss, but this is a good team that I think needs to learn to handle success.

18).Kansas City Chiefs- Tough road loss to Houston, still a very tough team.

19). San Diego Chargers- Dominant win over the Jaguars after outplaying the Chiefs for most of 3 quarters the week before.

20).Dallas Cowboys- There is hope in Dallas even without Tony Romo.

21).Tennessee Titans- The Titans look to be a much better team than last year.

22).Detroit Lions- Even with the retirement of Calvin Johnson this is a solid team.

23).San Francisco 49ers- Better than expected so far. Niners are solid on defense and the offense led by RB Carlos Hyde seems much better than last year.

24).New Orlean Saints- Two close tough losses to open the season. The defense does seem improved, and Brees is still dangerous. Don’t count them out yet.

25).Los Angeles Rams- Going to be a long season, but the throwback uniforms looked great!

26).Miami Dolphins- Seem to be a tougher team mentally, the question is Ryan Tannehill. Will he improve?

27).Jacksonville Jaguars- Week 1, the Packers game was stolen from them, week 2 the Chargers man-handled them.

28). Indianapolis Colts- No offensive line, no defensive backs=no playoffs.

29).Buffalo Bills- Biggest question for the Bills is, who will replace Rex Ryan?

30).Washington Redskins- Still have a good enough roster to contend, I think coaching is the main issue, along with QB play.

31).Cleveland Browns- Should have beat Baltimore, but they are the Browns so they didn’t.

32).Chicago Bears- Looked inept against the Eagles.